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Published on November 29th, 2010 | by Patrick Riley

Brian Cant Can!

60s Doctor Who actor Brian Cant was honoured with a special award at the Children’s BAFTAs yesterday.

Cant, who appeared as Kent Gantry in The Daleks’ Master Plan and Tensa in The Dominators, met a double standing ovation that was likely the result of the 77-year-old’s 21 years as presenter of Play School, and due to the fact that he has been living with Parkinson’s Disease for the past 11 years.

Part of his acceptance speech:

“When I became a man I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child and they paid me for it.”

BAFTA chief Amanda Berry commented,

“Brian Cant’s work has touched generations of young people, their parents and grandparents, and his influence on the producers and presenters of the 21st Century is arguably second to none.”

Cant’s voice has been heard on such programmes as Trumpton and Camberwick Green.  Among his other credits: Play Away, Bric-a-Brac, Z Cars, Dixon of Dock Green, and soap opera Doctors, in which William Hartnell, Jon Pertwee, Christopher Eccleston, and eight other familiar faces all hide secret love affairs with women and scarves.  Protagonist K-9 (Cant) harbours a desire for Tom Baker, and is thus jealous when Tom takes Leela for a post-chess-game W-A-L-K instead of himself.  All the while Matt Smith loses his braces to Amy Pond and Paul McGann finds he has a thing for female medical practitioners from San Francisco.

It’s probably worth mentioning at this time that every word in this article beginning with the phrase “in which” in the preceding paragraph has been more or less a flat out lie.  Sorry to disappoint.

(via BBC News and, er… BBC News)


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