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Published on November 18th, 2010 | by Patrick Riley

A Master-Piece & a Doctor-Piece

If you were at BristolCon ’10 earlier this month, which seems to be Bristol’s only sci-fi convention, you would likely have seen Who writer Paul Cornell, 80s visual-effects-man Mike Tucker, and a spectacular display of Doctor Who art, including a reappearance from a couple of memorable faces from a bygone era – Jon Pertwee’s Third Doctor and Roger Delgado’s Master!

Pics of these brilliant stand-up torsos of every Whovian’s favourite dueling duet were sent in to us by K reader Kirk Stacey, who also created them.  Have a look in the gallery below:

Spectacular, aren’t they?  Certainly makes us wish we were there, and perhaps it makes you wish the same.  Fortunately, we can give you this link to the BristolCon website, so you can stay updated on when the next convention, which will be the third of its kind, will be!


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