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Published on October 21st, 2010 | by Patrick Riley

One Really American-Sounding Name

First Henry Van Statten, and now this?!  Seems every Doctor Who episode set in the Utah area has to feature a character with a standout and likely memorable name!

Thanks to The Doctor Who Series Six News Accumulator Page at SFX (previously mentioned here) and Pop Culture Zoo, we now have a name for Mark Sheppard’s character in the upcoming premiere episodes for the next season of Doctor Who:

  • Canton Everett Delaware III

Considering his surname matches that of the first state incorporated into the group of 50 in which this contributor currently resides, it’s highly probable that this character’s an American.  Which sort of makes sense, seeing as Sheppard’s been in quite a few American genre shows (Medium, Supernatural, Warehouse 13, Star Trek: Voyager, The X-Files, Battlestar Galactica, everything else); he’s the Brit who can probably produce the most authentic-sounding fake American accent.  This is a plus for us Yankees on our side of the duck Pond, because Americans in Doctor Who don’t always sound quite right (the writer mutters to himself two words which sound oddly similar to “Peri Brown”).

We also know a bit of what Canton Everett Delaware III looks like, based on a few spoilery images from the set found at Gallifrey News Base featuring Mark Sheppard and Alex Kingston (River Song).  We figure it won’t be giving away too much to tell you that Sheppard is wearing a suit.

If you missed it, we reported a few days ago that Mark Sheppard has indeed been cast in this, the first story of Doctor Who’s next series!

Expect to see the episodes air in the springtime upon Doctor Who’s majestic return to BBC One!


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2 Responses to One Really American-Sounding Name

  1. avatar Bow Ties Are Cool says:

    Idris Elba (Stringer Bell in The Wire) can pull off a pretty good American accent. Or maybe he can’t, and I’m just distracted by how unbelievable cool he is.

    Also, the new Spider-Man/Frank from Daleks in Manhattan gave a pretty good go at it in The Social Network.

  2. avatar Rick714 says:

    I wasn’t impressed at all with Frank’s bad southern accent in the Dalek adventure. In fact, it was because of his performance in that that I was really surprised he grabbed the Peter Parker role in the first place….

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