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Published on October 10th, 2010 | by Patrick Riley

Lis Sladen Teases The Nightmare Man

Sarah Jane Smith herself, a.k.a. Elisabeth Sladen, has shared her thoughts about what it was like to act in, and what we can expect from, The Nightmare Man, the first story in the new series of The Sarah Jane Adventures!

Apparently we should be prepared for a scarier season opener, a stark contrast to last year’s comedic Prisoner of the Judoon:

The Nightmare Man gets into your mind and plays nasty tricks.  I got to play an evil version of Sarah Jane, who appears in Clyde’s nightmare.  I relish those moments when the writing allows me to be something other than Sarah Jane, kicking ass.

But doesn’t Sarah Jane always kick ass?

Sladen also commented on Matt Smith’s version of the Doctor in Death of the Doctor, pointing out that he’s really just playing himself:

…He is a bloody alien, isn’t he? He doesn’t have to act! I can see exactly why they cast him. He was a joy to work with. He went for it on every take.

The fact that Matt Smith hardly has to change his own mannerisms at all to play a certain iconic character is, of course, 99% of the reason why his Doctor is so brilliant (the other 1% being the bow tie).

The Nightmare Man premieres Monday at 5:15 PM on CBBC.

(Via Digital Spy)


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