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Published on October 26th, 2010 | by Patrick Riley

Does This Parrot Make Me Look Fat?

Matt Smith wanting a hat and coat on Doctor Who?  Haven’t heard that before.  Still, Digital Spy seems to have been mining that unspeakable ball of fire that Earth revolves around for Doctor Who news (if you don’t get what I’m referring to, just think about the “source” of our daylight), and seems to have uncovered a new Matt Smith quote where he further expresses his desire for some slight changes to his Doctor costume.

“I know I want a coat.  You get cold in only a tweed jacket. And I want a hat. Not all the time. Just now and again. It feels Doctory and right for my Doctor. I think it can evolve and give it that variety.”

What the Doctor really needs on his head is a fez for every day of the week (maroon on Mondays, teal on Tuesdays, leopard skin on Wednesdays, etc.).  And the Eleventh Doctor in a coat might not be so bad, but they’ve gotta be careful, especially if it’s a long one.  With Tom Baker, Colin Baker, and David Tennant’s famous torso-warming attire, the producers may not be looking to over-do the overcoat.

On a would-seem-to-be-unrelated note, it seems Matt Smith’s a fan of the brilliant late Pink Panther actor Peter Sellers!

“I think with this Doctor, you never know what he’s going to do or say, or what he’s going to turn up in in the morning.  He could have a flamingo on his shoulder.  Have you ever seen the Pink Panther where Peter Sellers has the parrot on his shoulder?  I’d love to get some sort of pretend parrot on my shoulder because Peter Sellers is my hero. I’m working on it.”

Flamingos and parrots?  That’d be a sight to see!  In fact, a shoulder parrot would be one of the most brilliant additions to any Doctor costume ever, right up there with the question mark umbrella and the never-ending scarf!

Although this writer wouldn’t mind seeing the Eleventh Doctor with a safari hat and a monocle.


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One Response to Does This Parrot Make Me Look Fat?

  1. avatar Rick714 says:

    Reminds me of the time Tom Baker wanted to eliminate the usual companion and instead have an intelligent head of lettuce sitting on his shoulder to talk to. As always, we have faith that the producer will talk the star out of this idea….

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