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Published on October 21st, 2010 | by Patrick Riley

Death of the Doctor Trailers!

We’re getting a new monster (the Shansheeth), a new teenager to hang with (apparently his name is Santiago), a trip to another planet, appearances from a Graske, UNIT, Jo Grant, and the Eleventh Doctor himself, the official confirmation of the Doctor’s relative immortality, and the return of Russell T. Davies to the Great Writer’s Chair in the Sky all in what may be the most exciting episode of The Sarah Jane Adventures ever, Death of the Doctor!

And we’re also getting new trailers:

The anticipation for the episode rivals that of a Doctor Who series premiere, and here at the Kasterborous Towers we’re all moving our sofas an extra three feet forward so that there’s plenty of room back there!

Part 1 of Death of the Doctor airs on the CBBC channel at 5:15PM this Monday, followed by Part 2 at the same time on Tuesday.

(Via Doctor Who TV)


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