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Published on September 24th, 2010 | by Patrick Riley

Stealth Cyberman & Sixth Doctor!

Forbidden Planet first sold our beloved Eleventh Doctor/Dalek Scientist set at Comic-Con.  Not long after, they made it available for pre-order in Great Britain and Ireland.  Time passed and they released it to the Isles.  Finally, they realized that they rather liked the idea of releasing a Doctor and a special-case mortal enemy together in one package et voila! The Sixth Doctor and Stealth Cyberman set!

Coming this autumn to a Forbidden Planet store near you (or online) is this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to own the Doctor as he appeared between 1984 and 1986 and a Stealth Cyberman from 1985′s Attack of the Cybermen together in the same box!

Like the Doctor/Dalek Scientist set, the Doctor/Stealth Cyberman set is a UK-and-Ireland exclusive.  As always, my advice to foreigners is to make friends with a Brit and tell him or her that your birthday is coming up… but the commentary from this previous article may be of some help as well.

The Sixth Doctor and Stealth Cyberman set is available for pre-order at Forbidden Planet for £24.99, and is expected to be available on October 1st.

Once you have that and the Doctor/Dalek Scientist box, all you need is this Fifth Doctor and Planet of Fire Master to make your Doctor-and-story-specific-worst-enemy-box-set collection complete!


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2 Responses to Stealth Cyberman & Sixth Doctor!

  1. avatar Leosw4 says:

    Passing on this one. Already have variants and need to consider space and indeed pocket!!

    Plus there are rumours abound of a Jo Grant figure release which may be timed with the upcoming SJS Adventures and its Katy over Colin anyday! I love you Colin, but I am sure you will understand.

  2. avatar Jez Noir says:

    I admit it has been awhile since I watched Attack o’ the Cybermen, but what is it that makes this particular cyberman ‘stealthy’? Is it just because he hangs around sewers?

    Surely an overweight cyber-controller would have been more novel?

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