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Published on September 12th, 2010 | by Patrick Riley

Seriously, What’s Going On…?

Remember that mysterious Facebook page we discovered last week – the one about which we’re absolutely clueless how it got there?  It’s been acting strangely of late.

In other words, we at Kasterborous are seeing our many lives flash before our eyes, one at a time, thanks to a series of images of our previous selves that have been popping up on our Facebook avenue.  I myself have spoken with Christian about them, and he’s as in the dark as I am when it comes to how those pictures got there.

But, since they’re there anyway, Christian figured he’d go ahead and give them all captions, so you curious newer readers and you nostalgic experienced ones can TARDIS your way to the site’s days of old, from its humble beginnings in 2004 through to the K as it appears today, and why each incarnation looked the way it did!  We reckon this tour should be called Kasterborous Through Time. Below is a list of links to each screencap:

Version 1:

The earliest of early days: 2004

McCoy + red: Still 2004

Version 2:

The dawn of the modern logo: 2005

McCoy again! 2005

Version 3:

It’s all a bit Macintosh: 2005

Nah, we’d rather show off our curves!  2006

3.1 – Cold as ice! 2008

Version 4:

Look Familiar? 2008

4.2 – That pic was just this week!  Version unveiled in 2009.

Version 5:


Wait – Version 5?  What’s this all about?  We didn’t put that there!  This is really starting to scare us… We don’t like not being in the know!

Is this death?

We might regenerate.  We don’t know…


…it feels different this time…


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Patrick is a temporal hitchhiker who spends most of his time in the future. His favourite Doctor is the Fourteenth. If you're especially lucky, you might even hear him tweet to all you merry folk in the past @10PatrickRiley.

2 Responses to Seriously, What’s Going On…?

  1. avatar Rick714 says:

    from all indications, this will then be the regeneration with the really colorful coat then…..but we’ll appreciate it more in 25 years time…..

  2. avatar grantwebb says:

    Stay Warm…No!…A Tear Sarah Jane?…It’s the end, but the moment has been prepared for…Adric?…Carrot Juice!…The Master, I Must Stop Him…Oh, No – Not Again…You were fantastic, and do you know what – so was I…I don’t want to go!

    Takes a deep breath… and – REGENERATES!!!!

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