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Published on September 14th, 2010 | by Patrick Riley

Prince Edward’s In Silver Nemesis?!

The answer to the title is, as a matter of fact, no.  But had John Nathan-Turner got his way, we’d all be sitting in an alternate reality providing a response of “Yes, he his, how about that?”

We know this because of Mail Online‘s report on the recent discovery of plans to give Prince Edward a starring role in Silver Nemesis, the 25th Anniversary Special for Doctor Who, which were recovered in Nathan-Turner’s archives.

Had the polite response from Buckingham Palace not read as follows, Sylvester McCoy’s Seventh Doctor and Sophie Aldred’s Ace would have encountered the prince, as played by himself, during an unplanned visit to Windsor Castle:

His Royal Highness was most interested to hear about this and much appreciates your kind thought in asking him.  However, Prince Edward regrets that, sadly, it is not possible for him to do as you ask.

His Royal Highness is sorry to disappoint you in this way, but hopes that the Silver Anniversary programmes will be a great success.

It’s no secret that Prince Edward has a bit of a showbiz hobby; he had already worked with Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Really Useful Theatre Company at the time of the Who invite, and would go on to found Ardent, an organization in the business of television production, in 1993.  Who script editor Andrew Cartmel reasoned that:

Reading between the lines it appears the Prince wanted to do it but was effectively blocked.

I wonder if any members or employees of the Royal Family are fans of Star Trek…?


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2 Responses to Prince Edward’s In Silver Nemesis?!

  1. avatar domino says:

    “We know this because of Mail Online’s report on the recent discovery …”

    No, I didn’t get this ‘news’ from that nasty rag – I expect like a lot of people on here, I first picked it up from watching the Silver Nemesis DVD. The Andrew Cartmel quote is practically word-for-word from the commentary (or the documentary, can’t remember which!). In fact, wasn’t it common knowledge anyway, for years? This is the Happiness Patrol/anti-Thatcher story all over again – good grief, isn’t anything new happening anymore?!

  2. “We know this because of Mail Online’s report on the recent discovery …”

    Aye, I just needed a fancy way to cite the source of the “news” and, erm… *cough*

    I suspect (or hope?) that Mail Online was trying to keep the viewers introduced to the series via NuWho interested while there wasn’t any New NuWho to watch! Naturally, we would recommend to such viewers to watch the classic stuff while they’re waiting, but there you have it.

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