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Published on September 1st, 2010 | by Christian Cawley

Mid Season Split Spoiler?

This article contains serious potential spoilers – read at your own risk!

Here’s a tricky one for you all – speculation on what will occur at the mid-season cliffhanger to 2011′s Doctor Who.

Over the Bank Holiday weekend, it was announced at the MediaGuardian Edinburgh International Television Festival that  the 2011 series of Doctor Who would be split in two, with a first batch of episodes in the Spring followed by another batch in the Autumn. Steven Moffat declared “one of the most exciting… cliffhangers and plot twists ever” – something that seems to have been let out of the bag by the press already!

Popular red-top The Sun has reported that Amy Pond will die as part of Steven Moffat’s devastating plot twist.

Of course, we don’t know the truth about this at present – and in fact it is unlikely that we will for several months. What is interesting however is that the actress concerned has recently spoken of her wish to do some theatre, “something worlds away from Doctor Who”.

Perhaps she’ll get the chance?

(Via Digital Spy)


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10 Responses to Mid Season Split Spoiler?

  1. avatar Carn says:

    So you’re not linking to The Sun but you’re linking to a different site that’s reporting what The Sun says?

    I’m getting sick of all this spoiler crap. Wish papers and sites would shut up about anything and everything regarding plot lines. I like to actually be surprised when the time comes, not going ‘oh I guess The Sun was right about this bit’, Spoiler tags might help now and then but the information is still out there seen by someone who chose to view it and then passes it on to someone who didn’t, perhaps without even realising.

  2. Carn: I totally understand your frustration, but our purpose is to report what is going on in the world of Doctor Who. If we ignored this report – which has questionable accuracy – we wouldn’t be fulfilling this task.

    This article is clearly marked with the word “spoiler” in the headline, there is an intro paragraph warning you and the main portion of the text is obscured.

    I don’t know if you realise, but is the most regularly updated Doctor Who site on the web. We endeavour to cover every news item possible, from school fetes to casting, and give these our own spin, a bit of a tongue in cheek commentary, and ultimately something to amuse and interest. At times it might seem anal; we prefer to call it completist.

    With regards to linking to DS and not The Sun, the reasons for not linking to any Rupert Murdoch organ are two-fold. However we can’t simply stick up a news item and not state a source (unless it has come from a press release) as this would be unprofessional. Plenty of Doctor Who blogs and websites have fallen into this trap in the past, and it’s not a mistake we intend to make.

  3. avatar Leosw4 says:

    Anyhow’s, I was just starting to get used to Amy, but we’ll see.

    I will be dissapointed if Karen does depart becuase I was looking forward to the interaction between her and Rory with the Doc on their journeys.

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  5. A Tennant style break to tread the boards?If it does happen, then there had better be the mother of all reset buttons with a highly logical and plot-driven way of working it out to bring her back. If that’s the intention.

    I’m inclined to dismiss it as nonsense, though. At this point in the game, the only people that know what’s going to happen are the writers and MAYBE the cast. I wonder if this is some of that Moffat disinformation?

  6. avatar Carn says:

    Yeah I get that but putting spoiler even in the head doesn’t stop the fact the information is now out there. I’ve had many a twist and surprise ruined for me on movies, comics, tv shows even when trying to avoid it all because someone i know just blurts out something they read or was told. It’s like there’s no point putting any emotional investment into any story in this age of internet where the information gets everywhere and anywhere within seconds. More annoying cos this is the kind of thing that I do care about. Amy’s the first companion of the modern era I actually give a damn about.

    Maybe I should just cancel my internet connection and tv license, go live alone in a cabin in remote mountains with a generator for power and go buy dvd/blu ray sets of tv shows so they unspoiled when I view them :P

  7. avatar Carn says:

    and by the way whatever spoiler tag on the title there is here is rendered void by the next related topic ‘adios to amy?’

  8. avatar Charlie says:

    Carn: you need to lighten up, and gain some self control. If something says “spoiler” and you don’t like spoilers, I would recommend that you don’t read it. (Ditto articles in The Sun that have Doctor Who in the title) Problem solved.

  9. avatar Carn says:

    I don’t read The Sun (or any newspapers) so avoiding that crap is usually simple until things I do read start quoting it. I actually originally didn’t even see the word spoiler when I selected the article from the left menu just seeing Mid Season Split (the word spoiler was underneath and I missed that) and I wanted to see more information about this split as I’m concerned to how it’s going to work. The spoiler info reveal here was not hidden to me because as a habit I highlight everything on the page I read cos I have trouble reading thin black text on overpowering white backgrounds whereas highlight makes it white text on blue which makes things easier and I read on not realising what I was reading. Ok I made a mistake reading this but next time you think to offer your oh so helpful advice, keep it to yourself please thank you. And as I mentioned the news here is actually listed above in the menu as a topic heading too so avoiding that is near impossible.

  10. avatar Carn says:

    anyways sorry i overreacting a bit. am very stressed at moment with health issues and arranging to move home (been delayed twice, but hoping this newly confirmed date on next friday is the one). I’m gonna take some time off here til things are more settled. take care

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