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Published on September 9th, 2010 | by Patrick Riley

Karen Gillan’s “Different Shape”

Shield your eyes, ye innocent gentlemen!  It’s quite possible that our beloved Karen Gillan will soon be once again appearing in photos not in her now classic miniskirt, but in her knickers!  That’s right; Karen Gillan has become a target of the underwear scouts!

In other words, the brassiere business by name of Ultimo is licking its lips while considering asking Karen Gillan for a photo op or two… or three… or five… or 2,456,712.  Most blokes certainly wouldn’t complain if it were the fourth option!

Said the almighty source,

“Michelle [Mone, head of Ultimo] thinks she’s gorgeous and would be brilliant.

“She likes to have girls with different shapes.”

While Karen does have modeling experience on the London Fashion Week catwalk, and likely wouldn’t be opposed to being snapped with little covering her (see photo), we’d still keep the salt-shaker handy on this one; there’s no need to name the unspeakable place where this story originated, but we will say that it’s a publication whose name is a one-word description of a big bright ball of heat in the daytime sky.

It’s doubtless that Karen Gillan is the prettiest sight Scotland has ever produced, but being the Kasterborous that we are, we can’t help but ask:

Why doesn’t Ultimo phone up Katherine Jenkins?

(Via Digital Spy)


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2 Responses to Karen Gillan’s “Different Shape”

  1. You forgot to say “Type Phwoarty!” :)

  2. avatar Bow Ties Are Cool says:

    Tragically, (and I really do mean that) I can’t see the BBC allowing this. Not saying they’d actually go so far as to forbid her from doing it, but I don’t think they’d be very happy about it. And Karen’s smart enough not do anything that would burn bridges at the BBC. Plus, I’ve read in interviews with Karen that she’s not really interested in modelling anymore, and it was just something she did in between acting jobs.

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