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Published on September 8th, 2010 | by Andrew Reynolds

Horn: Who ‘a bizarre dream’

Perennial unknown Danny Horn has said working on Doctor Who was like ‘a bizarre dream.’

The actor, who only recently graduated from drama school, has been cast in the Christmas Special – playing a younger version of Sir Michael Gambon’s character Kazran.

Horn told the Ilkley Gazette:

“I finished the Central School of Speech and Drama on the Friday, had the audition on the Monday and by Thursday I was filming in Cardiff.”

He added that after his ‘exciting’ audition, his role took little more than a month to complete.

On set, Horn spent most of his time with fellow first-timer, Welsh mezzo-soprano, guest star and Kasterborous favourite Katherine Jenkins:

“We were together for a lot of the episode. Let’s just say I might be a bit of a hero with the boys.”

Horn also heaped praise on his co-stars Sir Michael Gambon and the Doctor himself Matt Smith:

“Working with Michael was fantastic as he’s one of my heroes, and Matt is brilliant to work with.”[He's] absolutely fantastic.”

The currently untitled special (rumoured to be called ‘Father Who?’) will air this Christmas on BBC One.

(via Digital Spy)


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  1. avatar Rick714 says:

    It occurs to me that this will be the very first Christmas special that doesn’t mark a change in the team or a companionless episode. Christmas invasion had the newly regenerated Tennant and the rest have all been one off companions or no companions. This will be the Doctor, Amy and Rory continuing on about their adventures…

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