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Published on September 26th, 2010 | by Patrick Riley

Fish Fingers and Custard – Issue 2!

If you’re a fan of fanzines, Fish Fingers and Custard is for you!  Following the hugely successful sellout of Issue 1 in July, September’s Issue 2 promises an even larger trove of opinions, fiction, and artwork from some of Doctor Who’s most devoted enthusiasts!

This issue includes:

  • Series 5 Reviews!
  • Opinions on the Series 6 Split
  • An Untimely Arrival: Doctor Who Proms 2010
  • Where should Doctor Who have ended?
  • Paradise Towers: Icehot or Load of Rubbish?
  • “Nightmares” fiction by Martin Marshall

You’ll also feel right at home as a Kasterborous reader, as our own Thomas Spychalski analyzes the effect of PBS Pledge Drives on Doctor Who, and I attempt to settle the debate over the Moffat-era title sequence.

All this is only a fraction of the Whovian content you’ll find in the newest edition of Fish Fingers and Custard!  It’s enough to keep you satisfied until Issue 3, which is already in the works!

For information on purchasing a copy (£2 UK, £3 Rest of Earth), click here.  Or, you can subscribe and receive four issues plus a few surprise bonuses for £8 or £13 in the UK or overseas, respectively!  There’s also a free downloadable PDF, great for Kindles and iPads!

If you haven’t read the first issue, what are you waiting for?  Download it here!

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One Response to Fish Fingers and Custard – Issue 2!

  1. avatar G1000 says:

    Issue 1 was great fun, but I have no end of trouble trying to download the pdf versions. 1 was problematic, and 2 seems to equally challenging. But I’ll persist til I manage to get issue 2…. or I could just buy a copy of course. ;-)

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