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Published on September 16th, 2010 | by Patrick Riley

DoctorDalek Released!

We first saw them at Comic-Con.  Not long after, they were made available for pre-order.  Now, Kasterborous is pleased to announce that the Eleventh Doctor/Dalek Scientist set is officially available for purchase online!

If you have £26.99 and the ability to access this link to the Forbidden Planet website , you can order your box full of tweedless Doctor and orange Dalek now!

Ironically, this set, once only available for purchase in the United States – or more specifically, the San Diego Comic-Con – is not being shipped to patrons outside the United Kingdom and Ireland:

Despite our name – in this case we cannot ship internationally, UK and Irish customers only…

… according to the main page.  I guess it really is a Forbidden Planet after all!

If you’re not in the British Isles, you’re likely disappointed by this, but there’s always another way!  Make friends with someone in the UK and beg them to mail you a box!  If you are a Brit or an Irishman (or woman), what are you still doing on this page?!  Get your set now!


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8 Responses to DoctorDalek Released!

  1. avatar castellanspandrell says:

    It’s been in FP shops in the UK for several weeks now.

    It’s a smashing -looking set, even though the 11th Dr here bears an uncanny resemblance to the late TV chef Keith Floyd.

  2. avatar Leosw4 says:

    Yeah I got this set a few weeks back, it sold out and now its back in stock. It no longer has its ‘exclusive’ status (lol).

    It is a brilliant set I agree.

  3. avatar Rick714 says:

    We in the states are getting the shaft on a lot of these exclusives. Even though this was an SDCC “exclusive”, anyone who’s ever taken part in that process can tell you that it’s a bit of a mess as well. There’s usually a lottery to see who gets the chance to spend twice the money on the item!

    Thankfully, having gotten the Eleven Doctors set and the Delgado Master and the two Tardis sets, I’m good.

  4. avatar Leosw4 says:

    Rick, whilst this is small comfort, The Master/Axon and Eleven Doctors sets are even better than this one.

    The international trading laws leave a lot to be desired. I ordered some items from a New York based business, at a reasonable price, then got shafted by the UK custom charges-which where extremely excessive.

    Its put me off ordering again from the US-the company in question is only small,and probably needs all the trade it can get in a time of global economic problems. The particular items where’nt available in the UK.So much for the global village.

  5. avatar Lazarus77 says:

    Have no fear, American (and Canadian) readers. It is possible to get the “exlusives” outside of the UK. Many North American (online) retailers have been getting the exclusives for some time. I have successfully obtained every one I’ve looked for. Just be patient and they should cross the pond eventually.

    I think “exlusive” means that they can only sell to their own region because when I’ve found the sets on this side of the world, they’ve only been available to North American buyers.

  6. avatar Lazarus77 says:

    I can’t believe I misspelled “exclusive” twice… shameful, really.

  7. avatar Lazarus77 says:


    Hve you considered asking the NY company to mark the parcel with the word “gift”?

  8. avatar Prometheus says:

    I’m in the US and this is the place I use –>

    They appear to be a North American branch of Forbidden Planet. Yes, there is a limited delay between what’s released in the UK and the US. But, they are generally the first ones to get them. AND they have been incredibly reliable for me as a customer.

    Just wanted to throw that out for any poor eBayer that’s tired of the UK “exclusives”. :)

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