Womb With a Review

Matt Smith and Eva Green in Womb

The Hollywood Reporter (reporting from Hollywood) has posted an interesting review of Womb; the Matt Smith staring Cloning drama which has just been released Stateside.

The film sees Smith playing Tommy, the love of Rebecca’s (Casino Royale’s Eva Green) life who is killed in a car accident only for Rebecca to ‘replicate’ him, baring him as her child until he reaches his deceased forebearer’s age; at which point she begins to make kissy faces at him.

It’s only later when Tommy returns to her with a new squeeze that Rebecca starts her shifting murderous eyes over the Kitchen knife: Does she kill her child? Does it have the same rights as a regular human? Would you shack up with your child if it looked like Matt Smith?

All these questions and more are seemingly ignored by Hungarian filmmaker Benedek Fliegauf who The Reporter had high hopes for:

If the Hungarian writer-director, working in English, had been willing to strike out more boldly, the answer to these questions would have some power, and the film might have become more than an intriguing premise and pretty pictures.

Frustratedly; the film also fails to back up its BIG arguments and quickly becomes bored with its salient points:

Fliegauf’s screenplay raises the issue of cloned humans being the victim of prejudice just like any other alien, legal or otherwise, but just as soon drops it. He toys with the ethical issue of human cloning but runs away from it too.

The Reporter does see some interest being sparked in the film by the growing international fame of Matt Smith but can’t see the film ‘going forth and multiplying.’

To read the full review see The Hollywood Reporter.

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