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Published on August 28th, 2010 | by Patrick Riley

The Return of Comic Con Stuff!

Doctor Who exclusives from Forbidden Planet

Remember that Comic-Con-exclusive Eleventh Doctor and Dalek Scientist set we told you about back in June?  Guess what’s just been made available for pre-order online!

That’s right!  Go to Forbidden Planet right now and place your order for the Flesh and Stone Doctor and the orange Moffat Dalek!  Those Scientists from Skaro, whose image is debatable at full-size, actually look kinda cute when they’re small!  Plus, the Doctor comes with a detachable sonic screwdriver!

All you have to do is shell out £26.99, and Forbidden Planet will send you a windowed box containing these two figures!  Unfortunately, that’s about all the information provided by the site at the moment, except for the obvious fact that they’re made out of plastic, and the bad news below…

Foreigners will start to feel the leftover pangs from the long wait for Doctor Who: The Adventure Games when they learn that these figurines, once only available at a couple of booths in San Diego, are to be shipped to British and Irish consumers, and no one else.  The proof is quoted below:

“This item can only be supplied to the UK and Eire.”

Unfortunately, collectors from elsewhere will have to wait a while (if they’re a Mac user, they’ll wait forever) or beg a friend from the Isles to mail a set to them.

But enough of all the doom and gloom!  The end of the world only happens every spring when Doctor Who’s on the telly!  If you’re a Brit or an Irishman, pre-order your DoctorDaleks now, and they’ll be shipped to you when the stock arrives at the Forbidden Planet warehouse on 12 September!


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4 Responses to The Return of Comic Con Stuff!

  1. avatar Leosw4 says:

    I ordered this a couple of weeks ago and got it on Monday just gone. I could’nt get the box open quick enough-love both figures.The Dalek is magnificent.I’m converted.Sorry.

  2. avatar Carn says:

    I think I’m a bit fed up with these now. They just cost far too much money for what they are.

    • That’s an interesting point of view – 10 quid for a figure is one thing, but what is behind the urge to purchase a special multipack? Is it the exclusiveness of it, a feeling that the figures may never be available seperately, or the sense of making an investment?

  3. avatar Carn says:

    yeah the figures are always appealing but it’s annoying how they insist on putting them in these ‘exclusive’ two packs. I’d really like to buy the Master (Delgado) but I have to fork out £25 for it because it’s in a special two pack with an Axon (which is nice but not a figure I badly want so much) whereas I bought single figures like Amy Pond for £7.99 each. Before the Eleven Doctors was announced I was annoyed that if I wanted Doctors 1, 2, 3 and 7 I would have had to pay £100 for them cos they came in £25 double packs as well. And yet the Eleven Doctors set was only £50 to get a figure of every Doctor in one go which is amazingly good value even compared to mass market single figure releases. I’m just bit tired of the ol’ toy collector thing of having pricey exclusives that kinda take advantage of the buyer once you got them hooked into collecting the figures and want full sets of something. Regarding the set shown here while it is nice I don’t desperately need a jacket-less 11 and I might just repaint a drone Dalek orange.

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