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Published on August 13th, 2010 | by Patrick Riley

Seems Matt Smith’s Famous Now…

Readers who have been with Kasterborous or similar sites during the past year or so may remember all the questions popping up for months pre-Eleventh Hour about whether Matt Smith was prepared for the same fame that David Tennant dealt with during his, erm, “ten-ure,” and whether the former had ever spoken with the latter about what said popularity might taste like.  While we know the two did meet, at least for a little while…

“I spoke to David briefly, he said ‘enjoy the ride.’”

Doctor Who star Matt Smith - back when he was never asked for autographs in supermarkets!…we’ve never really been able to confirm just how much “autograph-in-supermarket” counseling Mr. Tennant provided to Mr. Smith.

But whether Tennant’s advice, if it existed at all, was great or small, it seems that Smith’s superstar days have arrived.  Take this anecdote reported by Digital Spy, for instance:

“It’s weird.  Even going to Tesco is a different experience now.

“I was in a hotel and someone got out a pack of Jammie Dodgers and said, ‘Could you sign these, please?’

“But it’s fine.  You try to give people some time.  And then you run.”

And from the sound of things, the ol’ bow tie caretaker has been doing lots more running overseas than on his home soil.

“It was quite unexpected, out in the US.”

“Fans in the UK are just as passionate, but they are more reserved, I think.”

Good for you, Brits!  Treating the man as just what he is – a man, not some soulless face on the telly who has become quite prolific at signing his name.  Not that you shouldn’t ask the bloke to do so if you meet him on the street, of course.

Now Smith’s hotel fans just need to find Tom Baker and have him autograph a bag of Jelly Babies.


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2 Responses to Seems Matt Smith’s Famous Now…

  1. avatar Carn says:

    that pic is from that confidential special where they announced him as the new Doc right? I remember that and thinking ‘hmm, i dunno’. Can’t believe it was a year and several months before we got to see how good he was. I can’t imagine the pressure of waiting all that time to prove to everyone he’s awesome in the role.

  2. avatar Leosw4 says:

    Matt look’s so young in that pic-I know he’s not exactly much older know but he has a more mature face about him now. More worldly.

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