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Operation Platinum Age: The Final Word

Which brings me to the future.  What happens next?  Many questions were answered in the season finale, but we never found out about the Silence – or that duck pond!  One would assume that the Silence will provide the scares and action in next year’s finale.  But what was that voice in the TARDIS?  Did anyone else think it sounded like a very mad version of the Dream Lord? Let’s not forget that in Vampires of Venice there were dark rumblings of dreams, faded and bad, that no longer needed their dreamers.  The Silence was also described, as something that could actually be seen.

I think (sadly) that the Dream Lord might well return, although I did wonder if the Silence might be something to do with the Vashta Nerada. You know, as in Silence In The Library?  But maybe I’m just making connections that aren’t there. Oh, and I’m still worried about the Doctor’s attempt to prove his credentials in The Eleventh Hour; giving the scientific community Faster Than Light travel – a scientific development Rory later claimed to have read up on.  Oh, and poor Rory!  Right now he can’t have the remotest clue what or who he is, having been killed and re-invented more times than a Marvel comics character.  And his wife’s still trying to jump the handsome stranger.  Poor sod.  I sincerely hope Amy stops being quite so shamelessly rude to the guy next year.

If Amy was the only one who could return the Doctor to ‘reality’ by remembering him, how come River Song was one step ahead of her?

Amy.  Hmm.  There’s still something not right there, either.  If Amy was the only one who could return the Doctor to ‘reality’ by remembering him, how come River Song was one step ahead of her, prompting the remembrance with her diary of spoilers.  And did anyone else notice that River wasn’t dressed for a wedding?  She was dressed for a funeral.  Was this merely symbolic, or had she just come from one?  The Doctor’s about to find out who she is, or so she says, and this is when everything changes.

Does this mean she’ll be the Egyptian Goddess we may or may not meet at Christmas?  Or are we in for a season with Smith and Kingston alone (that would be superb)?  Or, given that everything’s about to change, are we in for a regeneration next year?  In spite of all the (clever?) indications to the contrary, will we see Smith regenerate into the Doctor that River spoke of in her first story?  Or, yet more daringly, will Amy somehow regenerate and become River?  Are they one and the same?  From Pond to River in one crazy season?  Frankly, who knows!

What I do know is that – in spite of some bumps in the road – this has been the most consistent and tonally coherent season of Doctor Who since about 1964.  Whether or not it is ‘the best’ is a matter of personal opinion, but the perfect fusion of a wonderful Doctor, some cracking stories and an atmosphere entirely its own have shown us that Doctor Who is in very good hands.  It seems almost inevitable that next season will be even better.

Therefore, it seems safe to say that this really is the Platinum Age of Doctor Who.  Enjoy it while it’s still here!

Elton Townend Jones edits the 1980s Doctor Who fan blog 25 Years Too Late.

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Elton Townend-Jones is a journalist, playwright, actor, theatre producer and philosopher. He does ‘80s zeitgeist at www.25yearstoolate.blogspot.com.

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