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Published on August 12th, 2010 | by Meredith Burdett

Meglos 2?

ATV news network has written an article (a little late) on Gareth Roberts’ comments in Doctor Who Magazine regarding the return that never was of villainous cactus Meglos.

Doctor Who villain - shapeshifting cactus MeglosFor those that have not seen the 1980 Fourth Doctor adventure (you’re not missing much), Meglos was a megalomaniac who was intent on destroying the planet Tigella. As a shape shifter, he took on the form of the Doctor in order to cause all sorts of mayhem.

While this sounds brilliant on paper it wasn’t too well realised at the time (although Tom Baker was very good as an evil version of the Doctor – the one saving grace).

Roberts recently revealed that his villain for the 2010 episode The Lodger wasn’t always a rogue computer (suspiciously-similar-to-the-Eighth–Doctor’s TARDIS) but in early drafts was intended to be Meglos! Roberts said:

“I’d been joking about ‘Meglos 2′ for years but when I sat down to write the first draft of The Lodger it suddenly seemed right…Meglos survived in my script for quite a long while—but then we saw the Vinvocci in The End of Time, and as the rest of the story was more comedic, we decided the ‘villain’ had to be as scary as possible.”

Meglos was thankfully cut for a more interesting foe and was left in the 80’s where he belonged. Had he reappeared, it would have surely been overkill for the eleventh Doctor’s first season which already featured returns from notable villains such as Daleks, Cybermen, Silurians (Homo Reptilia actually!), Autons, Sontarans, Roboforms and a string of others that were mentioned off screen.

Still, it’s always nice to see old foes revamped for the twenty first century so the only question to put to Kasterborous readers is who would you like to see return in the 2011 series?

Or should it only be new nasties that the Doctor encounters?


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7 Responses to Meglos 2?

  1. avatar Andrew says:

    The idea of Meglos is good, a prickly version of Matt Smith would be interesting.

    I’d quite like to see the return Sil.

  2. avatar Leosw4 says:

    I agree about Sil-best creation of the 80s. Although thats not hard given the competition. The Mara and the Terileptils from the Visitation also work for me.

    Would also like to see the Nimon given an overhaul-dont laugh-the Big Finish story Seasons of Fear is genius and the concept of the Nimon (mentioned of the BBC official site) as a race that goes from planet to planet literally devouring it’s resources is quite and I quote ‘ a chilling one’. Would be amzingingly scary if done properly.Booming voices, half man, half bull, horns that shoot beams of whatever…

    As for new monsters, well, my favourite seasons of old Who where 13 and 14-which hardly contained any returning baddies.

    My favourite 5 RTD era stories did not contain anything from the past.

    And my favourite three stories from the new SM era (series 5 thus far) did not contain anything old, borrowed or blue for that matter-except the Tardis of course.


    Although not to spoil the party, I beleive something is worth brining back and it is done properly, then so be it.

    Shame about Meglos. Maybe the Silurians should have been dropped instead.


  3. avatar Lazarus77 says:

    Bringing classic villains back is a great idea but only if HOW they bring them back is clever. Bringing them back for the sake of nostalgia isn’t enough; it has to have meaning and provide for great plotting.

  4. avatar Carn says:

    I’d be happy to see the Mara back doubly moreso if it meant Tegan involved for one episode due to her connection with it. Though I might wait to see Jo Grant’s return first before wondering if classic companions being brought back is a good thing every time. Perhaps Sarah Jane was a big fluke.

    and yeah the Terileptils. I liked them too. I’d still like to see the Zygons return. Just seems odd they only ever had one tv story when I got the impression they were well recieved.

    oh oh and I want to see the Raston Warrior Robot return. Saw a nice concept on DeviantArt someone did of an updated version.

  5. avatar Paul Cavanagh says:

    When it comes to shapeshifters, Zygons beat Meglos hands down. I think Zygons probably top my most wanted list for returning enemies. I’m not sure if the Moff has any plans for new Time Lord action, but it would be good to see Omega again. You can’t keep a good Stellar Architect down. My pet theory about ‘Silence Will Fall’ is that Davros is the mystery voice, and I’d be very happy to see Ol’ Wrinkley back. One final wish is for dear old Sir Alistair to have a proper episode in Doctor Who – I hope Nicholas Courtney’s health will allow this – the Brigadier is one of the most enduring and endearing characters that the show has ever had.

  6. avatar rustywendigo says:

    It’s really annoying that monsters like the Zygons, Kraals, Nimon, Tereleptills etc get one story & that’s it, as far as Doctor Who is concerned. While others like the Daleks, Sontarans & Silurians get multiple stories, they end up stuck in that one dated story & my fan wish list.

  7. The Mara for me. They would fit in extremely well with s5′s whole perception thing with the Dream Lord

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