Design a Spaceship!

Game designers grab your power ups and get ready to bash those creative blocks as Doctor Who is looking for fresh designers to work with their teams creating the new Sarah Jane Adventures game for CBBC.

Sarah Jane Adventures competitionTo enter the competition you need to create some sound effects and/or design a spaceship for the Krulius, an alien on The Sarah Jane Adventures website. The closing date is 17:00, Monday 11th October 2010.

Eight winners will be selected to attend a special two day master class on 23rd and 24th October 2010 with leading industry professionals in game design. The winners will work along side sound designers, visual designers and games executives to produce an online game for The Sarah Jane Adventures website.

All the potential winners have to do is enter one or both of the categories and best reflect the personality of the Krulius in their designs.

For the sound catagory, candidates are asked to record three different sound effects for the Krulius for each of the following;

  • When he moves
  • When he breathes out his toxic breath
  • When he uses the digital bio-converter and modem on his wrist
  • Each entry must be no longer than ten seconds (totaling thirty altogether) and should be made using sounds around you (computer sounds are allowed but no samples, only original work.)

    For the visual task, candidates are asked to design a spacecraft for the Krulius with one special feature that will help him. Entries can be anything you can come up with and be created using any medium, be it digital, drawn, painted or even sculpted.

    Accompanying entries should be a written description of no more than 200 words which should focus on the following:

  • how you came up with the ideas
  • how you made the sound or decided on the special feature for the spaceship
  • why your entry is right for the Krulius
  • what makes you think it suits the audience.
  • Entries will be judged on originality, creativity, suitability and how well your work reflects the Krulius by a panel of moderators from BBC Blast and The Sarah Jane Adventures before going before a final judging panel where four winners for each catagory will be chosen.

    To enter, you can either upload an image or sound to the BBC Blast website (though you must be a member first and remember to tag either one game_design_sound or game_design_visual depending on the entry.)

    You can also mail your entries along with your personal details and description to:

    Game Design Competition, BBC Blast Online, MC3 D2, 201 Wood Lane, London, W12 7TS

    Or email your design to

    Entrants must be under 18 and have permission from a parent or guardian if under 16. Winners will be notified no later than Friday, 22nd October 2010.

    For more resources and handy ‘how to’ videos click here

    (via BBC Blast)

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