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Published on August 20th, 2010 | by Patrick Riley

Courtesy of the Daleks!  The person who created the picture found in this article.

Reward:  £1,000,000 Recognition and an e-pat on the back.

If you’ve been surfing the Anglophenia section of the BBC America website this week, you may have caught a glimpse of this Dalek-style “While You Were Out” tag that would be even more superb if found on a front door!

To celebrate and help spread the message, Kasterborous is pleased to announce the start of a national campaign to hang these notes on every door in Great Britain!  And YOU can help!  Got a printer?  Go ahead and churn out a couple hundred of these, cut out those little holes for the doorknobs with a pair of scissors, and hit every door in your neighbourhood!  If every reader participates, we can have tens of thousands of Dalek door messages on the streets within a matter of days!  So what are you waiting for?  Hit Print, shut off your computer, and get to work!

Seriously though, the folks at Anglophenia seem unaware of the image’s creator, so if you or someone you know helped the Daleks attempt this extermination, please let us know immediately in the comments or via so you can be publicly thanked!  (You’ll be asked to prove it, mind.)

Because, quite frankly, we don’t think a Dalek could have written “The Doctor” in perfect cursive with a sink plunger; a human must have been on hand to help out.


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