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Published on July 19th, 2010 | by Patrick Riley

Who Gets The Anime Treatment

What would happen if everyone’s favourite Time Lord was not broadcast as live action, but sent over the air as anime?

Doctor Who animePaul “OtaKing” Johnson, a 32-year-old professional translator from Sheffield, has attempted to answer that question.  Emulating the style of ’80s Japanese Animation, Johnson has worked what must be exhaustingly long hours hand-drawing each individual frame for what will ultimately be an eleven-minute short featuring the Third Doctor, the first two on-screen incarnations of the Master, a horde of Daleks whose design resembles that of the Davies era, and a few slightly unrecognizable Cybermen, who look three times more brawny than we’ve ever seen them on television.

With a total of thirteen minutes of video including everything from initial sketches to clips of the final project having been on YouTube for quite some time, this endeavour may not come across as news to some of those who like to scour the internet for Whovian videos, but the Anime News Network did announce that Johnson is almost finished, and is planning on showing it to the BBC (which, of course, owns the rights to Who) before any kind of release to the general public.

Johnson has also warned his potential viewers not to expect a complete story, saying:

“It’s just an 11 minute fake ‘what if’ trailer for a Doctor Who anime if one had been made back in the early ’90s.”

To see a string of preview videos including everything from animated initial sketches to completed segments, scroll to the bottom of the page at this link.


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  1. avatar Jez Noir says:

    I saw the youtube videos awhile back, they were amazing. If this Otaking chap was in charge of a full-length Who anime I would be first in the cinema queue!

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