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Published on July 15th, 2010 | by Patrick Riley

The Daleks At BBC Proms 2010

During what will probably be the intermission for the Doctor Who Prom, a twenty minute segment detailing much of Doctor Who’s musical history will air on BBC Radio 3:

“How do you make a sink-plunger seem scary? Matthew Sweet investigates  the weird and wonderful sound world of Doctor Who’s incidental music.

“Matthew Sweet spent the Saturday tea-times of his youth peering at the  television, from behind the sofa, to watch Doctor Who.

“He time-travels  through the programme’s 47-year   history to investigate the weird and wonderful sound world of its  incidental music.

“He talks with some of the composers who have  contributed, in very different musical styles,   to the enduring success of the programme over the decades.”

The segment will be named Dance of the Daleks, and sounds quite enlightening.  Music is part of what makes Doctor Who, or really any television or film production, so fantastic.  Pop open any new series DVD and watch the semi-edited deleted scenes.  While brilliant, they’re missing the crucial pulses and melodies of sound that help to add just the right touch of drama or humour, causing them to feel more like a soap opera and less like the greatest drama in the history of television.  It should be interesting to hear the history of this “vital essence” of music in Who.

Tune in to BBC Radio 3 or iPlayer between 8:20 and 8:40PM on Saturday, 24th July, to hear all about it!  Heck, why not just listen to the entire Doctor Who Prom from 7:30 to 9:45 PM; same day, same channel!  And don’t forget, iPlayer is not limited to the UK when it comes to radio!

(Via the BBC Press Office)


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