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Published on July 6th, 2010 | by Patrick Riley

Matt Smith’s Not Going Anywhere

Den of Geek has kindly provided us with further reasoning to back up the belief of Kasterborous (and anyone else who has any sense) that Doctor Who has not taken a nose dive into the void following The Big Bang.

Doctor Who star Matt SmithIn particular, the site focuses on Matt Smith, who, maddening and ridiculous as it sounds, has fallen under fire by certain entities of the media as to whether he should continue holding the office of the Doctor.  I’m looking at you, William Hill.  Do you actually believe, as you’ve predicted, that Smith has 9/2 chances of getting sacked?

Den of Geek responds to this by stating:

“Seriously? Is anyone actually pushing for this to happen?

“Let’s make this utterly clear: Matt Smith should definitely carry on. Firstly, it’s surely not even remotely serious that his tenure is being questioned, given that he’s given an astonishingly varied performance across his first series in the role (bringing in a little of the cantankerous charm of Patrick Troughton in the process).

“Most seem to be in agreement that he’s a strong actor, and an outstanding casting coup, and the show is all the better for having him.”

The only “argument” that the Smith decriers have is that the ratings have “dropped,” and even that isn’t reasonable.  Figures for The Big Bang, which initially depicted a mere 5.1 million, were far from final.  Since then, the tally has increased by a million viewers, allowing for a current score of 6.12 million.  That’s not even including the BBC HD audience, which has yet to be added.  Nor does it accommodate the 0.72 million who caught up on Sunday on BBC Three.

If you’re going to criticize an actor’s performance, don’t back up your statements with the fact that the potential audience is out enjoying the rare treat of British sunshine, knowing full well it can catch up later via DVR, iPlayer, or Sunday repeat.  Sunlight and acting are two completely unrelated entities (I mean really, have you seen how pale Matt Smith is?  He looks as if he hasn’t been outside in days!  But no complaints here, because he’s still quite talented at his job), and go together about as well as fish fingers and… okay, I won’t go there.

This Den of Geek quote sums up the point:

“The show, as many seem to agree, has rarely been in better hands. And if anyone at the BBC is seriously considering replacing Matt Smith, then these three words are for you: you’re a fool.”

News organizations:  If you’re looking for a controversial story, stick with scandals about politicians.  Don’t touch Doctor Who, because that will just make us all angry with you.  Don’t make us twist into our Smiler faces.


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3 Responses to Matt Smith’s Not Going Anywhere

  1. avatar Rick714 says:

    Well said. This is what I predict:

    Matt will stay for a minimum of four seasons, maybe a fifth year–although I’m wary of another “specials” year but in that time, the Doctor will marry River Song, have many amazing adventures together and the Smith era will finally wrap up with River mistakenly accused of murdering the Doctor when he indeed regenerates and thus will endeth the Moffat/Smith era, in 2013 or 2014.

    and hopefully the series will be passed on to worthy hands….

  2. avatar TheDarkling says:

    Talk of Matt Smith being budged out of the series, next year, is just stupid chatter. The guy made a fabulous new Who, utterly likeable yet strange.

    Even I nearly missed a Saturday night episode, in favour of a mates BBQ a few weeks back. Thankfully, everyone present insisted on watching the ep too!

    It has been a brilliant summer, weather-wise, so many will have spent time out of doors, in the precious sunshine. Nothing too surprising. But, dim witted journalists have been circling Who, like bored sharks, for months now. If ‘drop in ratings – 6 million viewers’ is the best they can throw at Who, there’s not much to worry about.

  3. avatar IanOTimelord says:

    I think Matt Smith has done a fantastic job as the Doctor, long may he continuie!
    And as for the ratings, head to Gallifrey Base, they have a list of the ratings the BBC take note of which are, Overnights BBC1 & HD, first repeat and those that watch it later on I player etc. Makes very interesting read.
    Oh one last thing, you may think its the press trying to cause trouble, well so is another fan site…one I liken to a Dr Who version of the SUN! EYE OF HORUS!

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