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Published on July 13th, 2010 | by Patrick Riley

“John, I’ll Have Your Baby”

John Barrowman, also known as everyone’s favourite “Doctor With Weapons,” Captain Jack Harkness, in Torchwood and Doctor Who, has revealed that he was offered a child by Drea de Matteo, who played Barrowman’s ex-girlfriend during his short stint on Desperate Housewives.

Torchwood star John BarrowmanSaid Barrowman,

“Drea said we’re like brother and sister, separated at birth, and that she’d have my kids.

“She’s got this amazing New Jersey drawl: ‘I usually don’t like actors, but I like you. You want a kid? Come to me, I’ll have a baby for ya.’ Brilliant!”

Of course, the response to this quote ought to be:  “Should a brother and sister really be having kids together?”

But Barrowman and his partner Scott Gil are not against the idea of starting a family.  In a 2008 discussion, Barrowman commented,

“We’re building a house in Cardiff on the beach. We’re going to have six bedrooms in it and we feel like we’ve got a lot to offer.”

By now the house will have been built, so the fact that they still have yet to start raising children likely boils down to the busy schedules of Barrowman and Gil (an architect).

(Via Digital Spy)


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