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Published on July 26th, 2010 | by Patrick Riley

Holmes Actor a “Master” of Word Choice

Could Benedict Cumberbatch be the new Master in Doctor Who?As you may already know, Benedict Cumberbatch, currently starring as Britain’s second-most-loved (unless you’re a James Bond enthusiast, in which case he’s the third) fictional hero in the Steven Moffat programme, Sherlock, has recently cleverly dodged a question about his near-future career plans in a Digital Spy video interview, leading many to believe the detective actor is entertaining the idea of portraying the number-one-most-loved hero in another Grand Moff spectacle.

But if you’ve been in the right sections of Kasterborous during the past week, you’ll already know that Moffat doesn’t seem to be looking for a Matt Smith replacement anytime in the near future.  The Whorunner even went so far as to say,

“There is no vacancy.

“Matt Smith is the Doctor and he’s been an astonishing success and – who knows – maybe he’ll never regenerate again.”

Could we, however, simply ignore those hints about at least one possible Doctor Who appearance in the near future?

Definitely not, especially after that by-now-famous line from Cumberbatch,

“As I said before, not an episode.”

Even so, Cumberbatch seems to be looking for a further step up after his heights as Holmes, so the next logical move on his part, if not the Doctor, would be to play the most-loved/hated villain of all time, the Master!

Following rumours that Benedict is Moffat’s favourite for the Doctor’s opposite, it would hardly be a surprise if, by this time next year, we’ll have seen a Season 32 (Series 6) finale, or even a mere two-parter, featuring Cumberbatch’s take on that excessive(ly brilliant) evil laughter.

Given the John Simm incarnation’s dying-but-not-dead status in The End of Time, and Moffat’s trend of changing absolutely everything in Who while he’s in charge, I can’t imagine that ol’ Saxon will be coming back.  And just as Simm and David Tennant made a convincing duo of equals as enemies, so would, I think, Cumberbatch and Smith.

Has the ultimate archnemesis been vacuumed to death with the rest of the Time Lords, or will he be back in action in the near future?

If there’s one thing we can confidently think we know, it’s that we’ll be seeing some Benedict Cumberbatch in our favourite show very, very soon.

(Via The Flick Cast… sort of)


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6 Responses to Holmes Actor a “Master” of Word Choice

  1. avatar Andrew says:

    He doesn’t look evil enough for the Master.

  2. avatar bobbygaga says:

    How about Cumberbatch for Omega? I’ve got this image in my head now of a flashback to the days of Omega/Rassilon and their first experiments with time travel. Just imagine Omega in a Gallifreyan flight suit and the helmet of that suit has a familiar crack in it, forming a crooked smile. Just saying.

  3. avatar Carn says:

    john simm didn’t look evil enough to be the master. cumberbatch can’t do any worse than simm did but man i wish they could find an actor who just resonated evil like Delgado or even Ainley did

  4. avatar Leosw4 says:

    I could well see him as the Master.

    I would imagine (and I am probably totally wrong here) that Moffat would cast an actor who would exude charm as the next Master, charming but deadly.

    Whilst I enjoyed Simm’s potrayal to a point, he certainly (IMO) lacked the screen prescence of Delgado, which is the yard stick that every other Master has been measured against.

    Moffat has done very well in casting the Doctor and I am sure will do so if an when the Master’s return is on the cards.

  5. avatar MJ says:

    John Simm and his whooping,cackling Batman villain of a Master never really did it for me. I wish, as others have said, that they’d find a Master that was as charming and evil as Roger Delgado..

  6. All I’m saying is: I hope the next Master gets his beard back!

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