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Published on July 20th, 2010 | by Patrick Riley

Fame Isn’t Lame For Karen Gillan

Doctor Who's Karen Gillan dressed downIt’s always nice to see a celebrity treat her stardom with a sense of humour.  While most actresses daring to make public appearances would spend the whole of one of their twenty-digit paychecks trying to find the right outfit all in the name of vanity, Karen Gillan, who portrays the Scottish Scarlet-Haired Fury, also known as Amy Pond, in Doctor Who, found it perfectly acceptable to show up to the Veuve Clicquot Gold Cup Final in an eye-catching blue shirt-dress-thing and clogs.

Even in the eyes of this contributor, who is male and has the fashion sense of a dung beetle, this is a very unusual look for, well, anyone.  But still, kudos must go to Karen for not altering her more-eccentric-than-the-Eleventh-Doctor personality just because she’s suddenly famous.  It’s a sign of excellent character on her part and it adds more weight to the argument that she’s actually a human being, not a robotic Hollywood star whose sole function is to use her fame to buy clothes.  She’s a fantastic role model for the military of pre-teen girls who look up to her (although if she continues to be one, we may have some very unusual-looking females in the next few years).

Karen Gillan’s next appearance in Doctor Who will be the Christmas special, rumoured to be called Father Who?, which will most likely air on 25th December.  The episode is being filmed as we speak and is scheduled to continue production until August.

(Via The Daily Mail)


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  1. avatar krumstets says:

    If indeed they currently filming the christmas episode, then how come she is out enjoying herself and not hard at work filming?

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