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Published on July 22nd, 2010 | by Meredith Burdett

Danny WHOrn?

Katherine Jenkins appears in the 2010 Doctor Who Christmas specialBrace yourselves; Katherine Jenkins (star of the 2010 Doctor Who Christmas Special) has announced on her Twitter update that her friend Danny Horn is also starring in the special alongside her.

“Who is he?” we hear you ask! Well to be frank, we have no idea either but if the producers of Doctor Who want him to star then he must be doing something right to grab their attention. Katherine’s Twitter update read as:

“Pls follow my friend @dannyhorn who is also in the Doctor Who Xmas Special. Tho we can’t tell you what he does/is or we’ll have to kill you!”

The mystery deepens. Will Danny have a large role or will this be a Mike Skinner-style cameo when the singer appeared in The Time of Angels for 8 seconds?

Guess we’ll find out on Christmas day!


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2 Responses to Danny WHOrn?

  1. avatar bobbygaga says:

    Not that I am complaining but is this article a flimsy excuse to show a picture of Katherine Jenkins?

    • We’ve used flimsier, bobbygaga.

      Although in fairness, none of us had the faintest idea what this Danny Horn chap looks like.

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