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Published on July 15th, 2010 | by Andrew Reynolds

Barrowman’s Glee

Even though he’s appeared in everything and its spin off  John Barrowman is still chasing those precious few roles.

Torchwood star John BarrowmanThe Doctor Who and Torchwood star has apparently begged producers of the TV phenomenon Glee, to cast him as one of Rachael Berry’s (Lea Michele) Gay Dads.

Barrowman told Z-list celebrity chum bucket Heat magazine:

“I have no idea if I’ll be in it, I met with their casting people and I said I’d love to be in it – I’d be good as one of Rachel’s gay dads!”

Barrowman was last seen terrorising Wisteria Lane as Patrick Logan, Angie Bolen (Drea de Matteo) in Desperate Housewives and according to his agents will donning the WW1 chic again to play Captain Jack Harkness and filming the new internationally flavoured brand of Torchwood from January until June in 2011.

Glee, the global post modern musical which follows the fortunes of a high school show choir as they belt out old show stoppers and chart toppers is set to return on 21st September. The show has a massive following, if not an unanimously positive critical response (which can be summarised by how much umbrage you take with this statement by the New York Times: “Blissfully Unoriginal in a witty and imaginative way”).

(via On Top Magazine)


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Everyone has a favourite Doctor and mine - just for his honesty, his fairness and his ability to not notice the Master's awful, awful disguises/anagrams (Sir Gilles Estram!?!) - has to be the Fifth Doctor, Peter Davison. The stories didn’t serve him as well as his acting served those stories.

10 Responses to Barrowman’s Glee

  1. avatar Carn says:

    I was made to sit through a whole episode of Glee and even way before the end of it I had strong to desires to kill myself to make the torture stop.

  2. avatar Paul Cavanagh says:

    WW1 chic? Jack’s uniform is that of a Royal Air Force captain, the RAF wasn’t formed until 1918, and Jack’s is very definitely a WW2 uniform. And it looks so good on him ;-)

  3. avatar Paul says:

    Why do people keep getting Jack’s rank wrong. There are no Captains in the RAF, only Group Captains. Jack should be called Group Captain Jack.

  4. @Paul

    Perhaps “people” get his rank wrong because he tells them he’s a captain…?

  5. @Paul Cavanagh

    Yes, looks like the wrong war has been cited there :)

  6. avatar Paul Cavanagh says:

    I do enjoy a bit of pendantry Paul. You make a good point, but I wonder whether Group Captains in the RAF are referred to as “Captain” when being addressed? I wouldn’t know. Still, at least we can take comfort from the fact that Jack is a rank above Flight Lieutenant – it would drive me crazy if he referred to himself as a “loo-tenant” rather than a “lef-tenant”!

  7. avatar Paul says:

    Why don’t these people say, “Surely you mean Group Captain? There are no Captains in the RAF, only Group Captains. Why don’t you know that? Didn’t any senior officers point this out to you?”

    Personally, I think that in the same way “Who” is often missing when the lead is credited in “Doctor Who,” the same must be true of “Group Captain Jack.” However, in reality, “Group” should not be treated as a name, as it’s his rank, and so to miss it out is incorrect, and no matter how many times this mistake is made in “Torchwood”/”Doctor Who” it still doesn’t make it any the more right.

    So, unless the RAF change their ranking system pretty soon, I think it’s only fair that everyone now only refers to Jack as “Group Captain Jack,” and if anyone sees Barrowman at a convention, they should pick him up on that, and say, “It’s Group Captain! For godsake get it right! You’re making yourself look an idiot.”

    Finally, why does the Brigadier keep calling Doctor Liz Shaw, Miss Shaw? He’d go mad if Doctor Liz Shaw started calling him Mr Lethbridge-Stewart, so why doen’t he show the same level of respect for Doctor Liz Shaw’s title?

  8. avatar Paul says:

    “Paul Cavanagh wrote

    You make a good point, but I wonder whether Group Captains in the RAF are referred to as “Captain” when being addressed?”

    He’d be called “Group Captain,” or “Group”. If Jack was in the army or the navy, there wouldn’t be a problem.

    “Still, at least we can take comfort from the fact that Jack is a rank above Flight Lieutenant – it would drive me crazy if he referred to himself as a “loo-tenant” rather than a “lef-tenant”!”

    Again, he’d be called either “Flight lieutnant” or “Flight.” Also, as Group Captain Jack is supposed to be American fighting for the RAF, then he could legitimately refer to himself as “Flight loo-tenant”.

  9. avatar Paul says:

    I’ve just has a thought. Group Captain Jack Harkness shouldn’t be called Group Captain Jack Harkness at all, as it is an assumed name.

    The real Group Captain Jack Harkness was shot down by his own squadron on the morning of 21 January 1941. The following inquiry concluded that Group Captain Jack Harkness’ death was caused by “homosexual panic” as he had been witnessed the previous night kissing a remarkably similar man on a Cardiff dance floor (although some people have argued that this was a trick of the light, and that he was actually kissing himself in a full length reflective mirror).

    However, although Group Captain Jack Harkness was reportedly killed while flying over the south of England, he was said, later that evening, to have attended an officer’s club in London, and to have openly patted a fellow officer on the backside.

    These reports are hard to confirm, as that same night the Officer’s club was bombed by the Germans. Allegedly a Group Captain, again calling himself Jack Harkness, had insisted on pulling open the blackout curtains and switching on all the lights during a German air-raid, saying that “according to the history books, this part of London isn’t going to get bombed for at least another week.”

    Adding further confusion, is a statement made by a policeman in the “Torchwood” episode “Everything Changes,” that Group Captain Jack Harkness failed to report for duty and disappeared on 21 January 1941.

    Quite why the RAF would expect Group Captain Jack Harkness to “report for duty” after being shot down and killed is a complete mystery. Unless, of course, they were suggesting that he failed to report for duty before he was shot down, but then that makes even less sense. How could he be cleared for take off, if he hadn’t reported for duty?

    Finally, The model of the plane on the fake Group Captain Jack Harness’ desk in the episode “[Group] Captain Jack Harkness.” is a P-51 Mustang. Why? The Mustang didn’t enter service until May 1942. Also, if the fake Group Captain Jack Harkness only assumed the identity of the real Group Captain Jack Harkness for a few hours, and never got to fly a fighter plane into action, why has he got a model of a P-51 Mustang on his desk?

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