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Published on July 24th, 2010 | by Patrick Riley

Art For Hearts: Alister Pearson

This weekend is for David Tennant fans when it comes to the Art for Hearts charity auction!

David Tennant Tenth Doctor Who portrait by Alister Pearson

Notable Who artist Alister Pearson painted this one, and it can be yours for any bid higher than £20.99 at the time of writing!

Art for Hearts organiser Ian Stacey said on his blog:
“Alister Pearson’s artwork has graced the covers to countless Doctor Who magazines, books and videos.  For the last four years he has also provided covers for the annual Doctor Who Storybook.
“Alister has kindly donated three signed prints of his cover to the 2010 yearbook.  This version has never been seen previously as the background was substantially altered by the designer.  Our thanks to Alister for his very kind donation.”
The first of these prints is up for sale this week.  If you’d like to make a bid, this page at eBay is a good place to do so.  You have until the end of Sunday, 25th July, so now’s the time to not hesitate if you have any inclination towards this painting!
As you can read here in our introduction, Art for Hearts is an auction of Doctor-Who-related creations that sends all its proceeds to researching organ transplants.  Last week’s piece was a Colin-Baker-autographed caricature of the Sixth Doctor designed by Stacey himself, which sold for £23.00.


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