Torchwood Series 4 Details

Thanks to Russell T Davies, more details have emerged about the upcoming Torchwood series 4, announced to be entering production yesterday.

Torchwood Series 4 newsTorchwood series 4 will be co-produced by BBC Wales, BBC Worldwide and US cable network Starz, with Russell T Davies leading a team of writers.

Hollywood Reporter has featured an interview with Davies and Starz chief Chris Albrecht about the new series – and the best news is that the 10 episodes will have a bigger budget!

There are several things to note from the interview, the most interesting below…

Albrecht says:

“…at the end of “Children of Earth,” Torchwood was destroyed, so when we pick up in our world the need for Torchwood arises again. A lot of this story takes place in the U.S. as well with several characters that are in the U.S. intelligence forces and end up teaming up with Gwen and Captain Jack.”

Davies describes the new international Torchwood of as “the next step”:

“It’s not a new version, it’s not a reboot. We’re simply moving countries. The show was previously a format show — monster of the week. The breakthrough was “Children of Earth” and that it became one long story. It’s not going to be ‘Lost’ and take 20 years to find out what’s going on. It’s going to have a most remarkable conclusion after 10 episodes.”

Russell T Davies wrote the plot 7 months ago, apparently without worrying about which channel or network it would go out on. Meanwhile it seems that although the series was originally developed for Fox, who decided not to pick it up, the major network let Russell T Davies, Julie Gardner and co take the scripts to Starz, something that isn’t particularly common in the US TV industry.

We’ll have more Torchwood Series 4 news as we get it.

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