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Published on June 27th, 2010 | by Patrick Riley

Mint Cynical – Episode Two

And here we all thought that the Doctor/Dalek/K-9 range of collectible “medals” from the Royal Mint was a one-off!  The original end-of-Tennant’s-Who-run set at least made a bit of sense; an entire nation was in mourning, and there was money to be made (pun intended)!

Doctor Who Dalek coinBut now the Royal Mint (in cahoots with the BBC) is just pushing it.  They’ve recently unveiled a new line of commemorative coins showcasing monsters and characters from Season 31, including a Dalek, a Weeping Angel, and a Smiler, with the Doctor, Amy, and a Winder soon to come.  The reverse of each coin features the DW insignia.

States the Royal Mint,

“To celebrate the new Doctor Who series and the arrival of the new race of Daleks, BBC Worldwide and the Royal Mint teamed up to create this amazing new Doctor Who collectable medal. Each medal is presented in a colourful gift card containing information relevant to the character while the pop–in blister allows you to examine both sides of the collectable.”

Each coin has a (slightly lower than the Tennant set) price of £5.99.  With any luck, the Mint will introduce a competition similar to this one from the last Who coins, and you’ll win it.  Many people would willingly take these coins for free, but very few would probably actually pay for them.

This begs some questions; if you’re listening, Mint and Beeb, have a pop quiz, on the house!  How much money do you think you’re actually going to make from this?  Will your presently-Who-exclusive coin-making skills extend into other programmes?  Will the public buy more medals than RC Battle Daleks?  And, most importantly:

Why isn’t there a Silurian one?


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  1. avatar Carn says:

    My uncle likes these sorts of things. He likes memorabilia of his fave shows and movies but thinks he’s too old for toys so he buys things like this.

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