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Published on June 23rd, 2010 | by Meredith Burdett

List of the Cybermen

Doctor Who - Cybermen To tie in with the return of the Cybermen in The Pandorica Opens, Den of Geek have listed their top ten favourite stories involving the metal menaces from the last fourty four years of Doctor Who.

Their list includes (in order)

10. Revenge of the Cybermen, Tom Baker, 1975

9. The Next Doctor, David Tennant, 2008

8. Army of Ghosts/Doomsday, David Tennant, 2006

7. Silver Nemesis, Sylvester McCoy, 1988

6. Attack of the Cybermen, Colin Baker, 1985

5. Rise of the Cybermen/The Age of Steel, David Tennant, 2006

4. The Invasion, Patrick Troughton, 1968

3. The Tenth Planet, William Hartnell, 1966

2. Earthshock, Peter Davison, 1982

1. Tomb of the Cybermen, Patrick Troughton, 1967

The article describes Tomb of the Cybermen as:

“The greatest. The undisputed champion. The archetypal and never bettered Cyberman story. I may have spoken tongue in cheek, for I have greatly enjoyed all the stories listed so far, but this is by head and shoulders the king amongst them.”

Missing from the list is The Moonbase and The Wheel in Space, two Patrick Troughton adventures that are incomplete due to missing episodes. It should be noted however that The Wheel in Space should be included in the list in favour of The Next Doctor as it’s a) brilliant and b) better. Attack of the Cybermen should be languishing at the bottom here, as fun as it is; it is a messy continuity fest with an overweight Cybercontroller desperate to find out who has stolen his last Kit Kat.

And as for Tomb of the Cybermen as number one? No thank you. It’s a great tale, extremely cinematic in scope and has some great lines of dialogue but The Tenth Planet should get the crowning glory as the Granddaddy of them all. It was the template, it was the first story to introduce the Cyber-fiends and it got them spot on from the start. Emotionless, ruthless, overly logical and desperately trying to survive. Even the Daleks weren’t this well realised in their first serial.

They would return to menace humanity time and time again but never were the Cybermen this ruthless, cold and cruel until 2006.

The full article can be viewed at Den of Geek.


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2 Responses to List of the Cybermen

  1. avatar castellanspandrell says:

    I wouldn’t even bother trying to make a Cybermen top 10,as they haven’t had 10 decent stories. I mean, Silver Nemesis? Revenge of the Cybermen? Come on.

    But I’d definitely stick the Moonbase in there if I had to think of 10.

    The Tenth Planet? Yes, it was the grandaddy of them all, but it’s also not really very good when you actually get to see it.

    I’d pick any one out of Tomb, the Invasion and Earthshock for top spot.

  2. avatar Carn says:

    Tomb’s my fave very closely followed by Earthsock and the Invasion. Out of the modern stuff The Next Doctor is my fave of those even just due to David Morrisey’s part in it and the huge Cyberking which I would very much like a toy of if anyone from Character Options is reading. I wouldn’t care much if it’s not quite to scale :D

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