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Published on June 26th, 2010 | by Patrick Riley

“It’s a CRACKer!”

We’re finally here!  There’s only a couple of hours left until The Big Bang, so why not be teased just a little bit, eh?

Doctor Who star Matt SmithMatt Smith, as a guest on This Morning on Friday, has given us all something – or should I say, someone – to look out for in the season finale:

“There’s an important character coming back, but I can’t say who,” he said. “But it is very significant – it’s a cracker!”

Let the last-minute speculating commence!  There are a variety of significant characters who could potentially come back; could it be Amy (who’s supposedly dead)?  Rory (who has only been back as an Auton)?  Jenny?  The Face of Boe?  Here’s hoping for a surprise appearance from Captain Jack Harkness!

But let’s not also forget the exhausting amount of work that was required to make this (possibly best-ever for nuWho) season possible!  Smith certainly isn’t:

“I watched [The Big Bang] and was quite emotional probably because it was the end of the series and we’d worked so hard and we’d got there. I watched it with Karen [Gillan] and we were like, ‘Woo hoo!’”

Brace yourselves; we’re about to fall back into Special-Episode-Anticipation Season, quite similar to what we felt for so long in late 2008 and 2009, and probably very few of us will stay sane as we wait for the Christmas special.  But news of it will trickle in, and is already doing so, as its production begins.  In fact, Matt Smith says,

“I’m going to read the Christmas episode this week!”

Which means that if you’re one of those people hoping to mug Matt in the middle of the street until he spills the beans on what’s going to happen this 25 December, you’ll have your first opportunity to do so within the next seven days.

The Big Bang booms very, very soon; a couple of hours from now, in fact, at 6:05 on BBC1 and BBC HD.  Matt Smith (the Bow Tie Man), Karen Gillan (the Carrot-Haired Scotswoman), Caitlin Blackwood (a younger Carrot-Haired Scotswoman), and Alex Kingston (Hello Sweetie!) will all be there… will you?

(Via Digital Spy)

Looking Back

Still need something Whovian to do while you’re waiting for the big one?  Tell us what your favorite episode has been this season, and why!  The comment section below provides an excellent place to do it!  I’ll say mine right now: it’s The Eleventh Hour, the one that changed everything about Doctor Who as we knew it, apart from the fact that it’s about a time-travelling alien in a phone box who can change his face.  But everyone’s different, and there are plenty of top-notch stories to choose from!  So think hard, and let us know what you liked best!


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Patrick is a temporal hitchhiker who spends most of his time in the future. His favourite Doctor is the Fourteenth. If you're especially lucky, you might even hear him tweet to all you merry folk in the past @10PatrickRiley.

5 Responses to “It’s a CRACKer!”

  1. Can’t decide between The Eleventh Hour and Vincent and The Doctor. The former is probably the best post-regeneration story ever, but the latter is a touching little story that touches some dark corners of the psyche whilst still providing laughs along the way.

  2. avatar IanOTimelord says:

    A friend asked me how would I rate Steven Moffatts first term, 9/10.
    Tbh tonights episode good in places, especially when Rory turns up and shoots the Dalek, River song as always and Matt Smith & Karen Gillan were brillaint. Overall disapointed, another reset button, when the Dr was talking to Amelia I was wishing away the time just for somet to happen, no real menace unlike last weeks.
    So if we have had a reset can we have the traditonal Daleks back please.

  3. avatar Carn says:

    Fantastic episode tonight. Easily the best finale of any season from any show I’ve watched in years. Thoroughly entertaining from start to finish. Though Saturdays are gonna suck again now it’s over for another year. Looking forward to next season to finding out more about ‘the silence’ like Moffat said in confidential. I’m not that fussed about finding about who River is cos if I’m honest I’m not that fond of her. She’s ok but not a fave of mine.

  4. avatar Patrick Riley says:

    Wow! So it’s a multi-season story arc then. That’s the only thing that disappointed me; I wanted more answers! Christmas needs to be here NOW!

    And oh yeah! We’ve got Rory back in the TARDIS! Excellent!

  5. avatar Patooty says:

    Had a brief surge of hope when I saw the Doc slip away from the wedding and board the TARDIS that all the news about Karen Gillan signing on for another season was just a red herring, but no such luck. At least Arthur Darvill will be there to take some dialogue and screen time away from her, which will improve any of the new episodes to come.

    Hopefully next year they will answer the many questions this episode still left up in the air, besides the obvious “who is River Song?” and “what is the silence that will fall” which Moffat specifically said they would address. Still too many loose ends dangling, I think.

    I liked “Vincent and the Doctor” as it was the only episode to actually twang a heart string. I missed that from this season – hope we get more of that next year!

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