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Published on June 26th, 2010 | by Patrick Riley

It Begiiiiiiins!

Hokey Dalek quotes make for awful titles of news articles, but is there any better way to describe this milestone in BBC television history?

New BBC studios to be builtEspecially considering that one of these Skaro natives was present during Thursday’s kickoff event at Roath Basin that symbolized the commencement of the construction of Cardiff Bay’s planned new BBC drama village, to host the creation of such notable programmes as Doctor Who and The Sarah Jane Adventures, as well as non-Whoniverse-related shows like the soap Pobol y Cwm and Casualty.

The latter two productions are scheduled to begin utilizing the new facilities in autumn of 2011, followed by Doctor Who and The Sarah Jane Adventures early in 2012.  This seems to indicate that the process of actually building the village will be completed sometime before all that.

Explained Cardiff council leader Rodney Berman to BBC News,

“Cardiff is already home to Doctor Who and Torchwood with Casualty to follow and I know the drama village is seen by the BBC as part of its ongoing plans for increasing its production and development presence in Cardiff which can only be a massive boost for the city.”

Something tells me that this 170,000 square-foot television brewery may put Cardiff on the globe as a massive international tourist attraction for more than just its famous tower-monument-come-perception-filtered-entrance-to-Torchwood-Three.


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