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Published on June 17th, 2010 | by Patrick Riley


Are you a Mac user who has felt shunned because of the extra two weeks’ wait time for City of the Daleks?  If so, it’s time to rest easy, because the next portal to 1963 London is now standing by for departure whenever you choose!  Most likely, the word “whenever” probably corresponds with the word “now” if you’re any sort of Whovian Mac user with a United Kingdom citizenship!

Doctor Who: The Adventure GamesBut beware: if you’re using an Apple computer that was manufactured pre-2006, you’ll be left in the dust; Doctor Who: The Adventure Games will only be available on Macs with Intel processors.  Also, if you’re running OS 10.4 (Tiger) or earlier, you may find a few bugs or have trouble playing the game altogether.  Not to worry!  An update will be released in the near future that should take care of it.

Unfortunately, there’s no more news as yet about the international release.  Hang in there, foreign enthusiasts, and remember, you’ll be able to purchase the first adventure in early July!

With over half a million copies of City of the Daleks downloaded already, Steven Moffat set to give the general public a first look at the next installment (expected to feature the Cybermen!) this Tuesday, and titles for the Nintendo Wii and DS in the works, the Platinum Age seems to have expanded into the gaming realm, finally allowing for regular Doctor Who interactivity the proper way!

For more information about City of the Daleks, you can read our review here.


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