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Published on June 11th, 2010 | by Paul Cavanagh

Doctor Who v The World Cup

Doctor Who - The Lodger stars Matt Smith and James CordenScheduling nightmare or audience magnet? That’s what we’re up against with this week’s episode of Doctor Who. Just take a look at the schedule – ITV start coverage of England’s first fixture in the World Cup against the U.S.A. at 18:15, while over on BBC 1, Doctor Who is due to air at 18:45. Will viewers prefer to tune in to see James Corden in a kickabout with former Nottingham Forest and Leicester City youth player Matt Smith, or indulge in the pre-match waffle provided by ITV?

It is to be hoped that the majority of viewers would prefer to see a television show meticulously produced to provide thrills and spills of the time travelling variety, rather than the hyperbole and pointless speculation provided by pundits, but time will tell. Whatever the case, diehard Whovians need not fear missing any real footie action, with Doctor Who finishing bang on time for kickoff at 19:30.

No divided loyalties then. Come on England!


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4 Responses to Doctor Who v The World Cup

  1. avatar Carn says:

    Got me and a friend in tomorrow to watch Doctor Who. Niether of us care about the football so no worries for us. I hope Who fans who do wanna watch the football all realise the match don’t start til Doctor Who is finished.

  2. avatar ChrisL says:

    I can’t seem to shake off the worrying feeling that The BBC either;

    1) No longer care about Dr Who


    2) They have become so complacent after the success of the RTD era that they think even The World Cup won’t effect viewing figures.

    The earlier start times of this series plus the decision to ignore the biggest TV event for four years are both baffling!
    To schedule a programme to be in direct competition with not only The World Cup… but with England’s first match, whilst the hype and hopes around our National team are still high enough to guarantee massive interest, seems to be ratings suicide.

    Overall, the viewing figures for this series are relatively low – possibly due to Tennant’s non-appearance, possibly due to the earlier start times, but this decision to ignore The World Cup factor appears to be a huge mistake. I don’t expect many more than 2 million to tune in to watch this episode ‘as it happens’.

    Sky+ boxes and/or video recorders have never been more essential in order to keep those of us who are passionate fans of both football & The Doctor happy!

    Enjoy ‘The Lodger’ – I’ll be watching it sometime around 10pm, so long as my Sky+ box doesn’t let me down!

  3. avatar sumintookish says:

    Maybe, quite possibly’ the reason that it overlaps with the World Cup is because the code that runs through the entire series is 26/06/2010. If you look at when the episodes are going to be shown, The Big Bang will be shown on 26th June 2010. That’s why it overlaps!

  4. avatar Paul Cavanagh says:

    Chris – they don’t care, or have been complacent? Did you miss the stories about 3D cinema trailers, the tour bus, the American promotion, the interviews and tv appearances? Come on! The BBC knows that the show is incredibly important and has done so much to promote it. If you’d rather watch pre-match discussion on ITV rather than the Lodger, that’s fine, but you can’t blame the BBC for putting the show out at roughly the normal time. With so much football on TV today, I’m not sure where in the schedule they could have put it without upsetting some people. Besides, if you watch tonight’s episode, you won’t miss any of England vs USA.

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