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Published on June 2nd, 2010 | by Patrick Riley

Doctor Who at Develop

The makers of Doctor Who: The Adventure Games will be seen among the likes of game designers from legendary companies such as Rare and Bioware as speakers at a keynote during the Develop in Brighton Conference this summer.  A panel of three voices from various positions within the games’ productions will comprise the BBC’s Simon Nelson, Sumo Digital’s Sean Millard, and the legend himself, Charles Cecil.

Doctor Who - The Adventure GamesThe summary at the conference’s website calls The Adventure Games “one of the most ambitious projects in development in the UK today,” and pledges that the keynote, entitled Whodunnit: Bringing Dr Who to a PC Near You, will discuss the skills the BBC has learned involving video game creation and what developing company Sumo Digital has taken away from working with the television industry, as well as the effort it took to try to make the series a success and how Cecil chose to translate the BBC’s scripts from page to joystick.

To register for the event (and if you want the early bird prices, we strongly urge you to do so by Monday), click here.  Once that’s taken care of, make sure you’re in Brighton between 1:30 and 2:30 on Wednesday, 14 July to hear Nelson, Millard, and Cecil speak.

The Develop in Brighton Conference runs from 13-15 July.  In case you need reminding, Doctor Who: The Adventure Games will commence with City of the Daleks, on 5 June to Windows users and 15 June to the Mac community.  It will be a free download in the UK, though word is still sparse on its potential availability internationally.

Follow this link for more coverage on Doctor Who: The Adventure Games at Kasterborous – and look out for a full preview of City of the Daleks later today!


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