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Published on June 29th, 2010 | by Patrick Riley

David Tennant Back In Action!

Following an apparent drop off the face of the Earth post-Christmas, everyone’s second-favourite pretty-boy (the first being John Barrowman) is acting for the camera once again!  David Tennant is joining the likes of Kelly MacDonald, Sex and the City 2‘s Alice Eve, and Ugly Betty‘s Michael Urie in the upcoming romantic comedy called The Decoy Bride.

Tenth Doctor Who star David TennantTennant plays a writer named James who is to be wed to a high-profile actress called Lara (Eve), when the planning process of their wedding is suddenly invaded by the devious paparazzi.  Steve (Urie), Lara’s manager, convinces a girl named Katie (MacDonald) to stand in as a decoy for Lara, who is attempting to escape the press.  Meanwhile, James and Katie meet and find themselves attracted to each other when suddenly the Cybermen pass through the void and assimilate everyone so that they turn into metal beasts with no soul.

Okay, so that last bit might not actually happen.  But maybe it does!  I can’t say I’ve seen the movie yet; it’s only just begun filming!

Speaking of filming, the process of doing so started this week under the leadership of Casanova director Sheree Folkson on the Isle of Man (a small island between the North of England and Northern Ireland) and is scheduled to continue for the next month-and-seven-days-ish.  So if you were planning on inviting the former Time Lord to any birthday parties, you’re out of luck until at least August.

Hey – that’ll be just in time for my own birthday!  Can you guys send David an invitation for me?  I’m too busy scouring the internet with Christian for Doctor-Who-related news items that I can post here and occasionally make fun of!

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