City of the Daleks Reaction

With the first episode of the Doctor Who: The Adventure Games officially out today; here’s a round up of the critical response to City of the Daleks.

Doctor Who: The Adventure Games - City of the DaleksDeveloped by both Sumo Designs, Sheffield based developers who recently worked on titles such as Sonic & Sega All Star Racing, and Broken Sword series designer Charles Cecil along with Doctor Who writers Phil Ford (The Waters of Mars) and The Grand Moff himself.

City of the Daleks also features the vocal talents of Matt Smith, Karen Gillan and the legendary Nicholas Briggs.

The games sees the Doctor and Amy Pond hopping back to 1963, hoping to bask in Swinging London only to find outside the TARDIS, Trafalgar Square has been decimated by Daleks who crashed from the sky using a very familiar crack.

The game isn’t without faults but most reviewers love a good bargain, forgoing the technical issues of audio/visual sync up, the awkward camera angles and the clunky mouse controls and instead praising the BBC for creating a game that looks so good, can run on most systems (hold steady Mac users! 15th June isn‘t that far away) and is free.

Spong summed up the problem of reviewing a game ostensibly aimed at non-gamers and have praised the BBC’s commitment to working with developer Sumo:

“If you’re a gamer looking for something new – the gameplay mechanics are nothing ground-breaking, but they come packed with a colourful storyline and you’re likely to get something out of City of the Daleks.”

Doctor Who - City of the Daleks, praised the overall Who-ness of the game:

“City Of The Daleks shows that it’s possible to make an entertaining Doctor Who game where the sonic screwdriver isn’t magically transformed into a deadly weapon, and the majority of challenges are overcome by those two staples of Doctor Whodom – being clever and running down corridors. It feels like a proper episode of the series, which is an accomplishment that many tie-in games strive for, but few achieve.”

Simon Nelson, Controller of Portfolio & Multimedia, BBC Vision and commissioner of the game episodes blogged about the back story of the game and is decidedly chuffed with the end product:

“We think we’ve created stories and an extension of the Doctor Who world and mythology that can proudly sit alongside the best episodes and storylines of the past and present – but this time you control the action, you are the Doctor (except when you’re Amy!).”

Digital Spy loved the charm of the game but has concerns over its longevity:

“Whether it can get away with relying on the same ideas in later episodes – such as the over-reliance on stealth sections – is another matter, but as a starting point and means to cater to a broad audience it’s more than a welcome introduction.”

Finally, Kasterborous editor Christian Cawley somehow found the time to review the game for – where he observes:

Gaming has not been a strong point for the BBC, but buoyed by the success of other digital successes such as their monolithic website and BBC iPlayer, they brought in legendary British game designer Charles Cecil as a consultant.

This has proved to be a master stroke

City of the Daleks is the first free installment of Doctor Who: The Adventure Games, and is available to download from the BBC site now!


Everyone has a favourite Doctor and mine - just for his honesty, his fairness and his ability to not notice the Master's awful, awful disguises/anagrams (Sir Gilles Estram!?!) - has to be the Fifth Doctor, Peter Davison. The stories didn’t serve him as well as his acting served those stories.

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