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Published on June 17th, 2010 | by Christian Cawley

Change of Costume?

The BAFTA screening of The Pandorica Opens has revealed some interesting facts – not least the possibility of Matt Smith having a new look in the next series of Doctor Who.

Doctor Who star Matt SmithHis overall sartorial preference has certainly gone down well, no doubt due in part to Smith’s unusual features, from his distinctive nose to his slightly bandy legs. This hasn’t stopped the Eleventh Doctor actor from wanting a few extra clothes…

“Actually I went to a costume fitting this very morning for next year, which was very interesting!

“I’ve just heard, basically, ‘Tell him he can’t have a hat unless it’s written down that he has a hat!’. So let’s see. There’s going to be a whole back and forth now.”

So while Steven Moffat is dead against hats, it seems his star might be persuading some of the writers to write one in… at least to keep warm.

“But just practically, we film in November and it’s freezing! And just a tweed jacket can get a bit cold, so who knows…”

Amazing to think that the next series of Doctor Who will start filming soon! Meanwhile, don’t forget that The Pandorica Opens this Saturday at 6.40pm on BBC One and BBC HD!

(Via Digital Spy)


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3 Responses to Change of Costume?

  1. avatar Carn says:

    Hope they don’t change it too much, I really like how it is now but I can understand him wanting to have a warmer coat during some stories.

  2. avatar axis says:

    I think when DWM interviewed him about the costume a few months back he was hinting that the “pirate” coat Moff was trying to get him into might appear next year. Probably for the baking heat of this year’s Christmas special filming.

  3. avatar Dana says:

    I wouldn’t really mind an outfit change for Matt, as long as it isn’t too extreme.

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