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Published on May 8th, 2010 | by Kevin Roth

Who’s a Millionaire?

Doctor Who fans are notorious hoarders, and moreso than other fans – the years of no TV series lead to a lot of fans splashing out on props and other high price paraphernalia.

Doctor Who Weekly - how much is yours worth?Following the announcement of a Doctor Who exhibition at the Judge’s Lodgings museum in Lancaster, the man who has several items of interest exhibited, Peter Jewell, is opening a stall as part of the market featuring some of his unique collection.

“I suppose I am lucky because a lifelong passion has become a job,” he said. “I think specialist stands are exactly what Lancaster market needs, because they attract a completely different type of person into the market.

“I quite like the fact that I have created a place for people to come and sit and talk about Doctor Who. I see people aged from two to 90 who all love the show.

“I would have loved to find like-minded people when I was younger.”

Curiously, according to the Lancaster Guardian, the first issue of Doctor Who Weekly (now Doctor Who Magazine) is worth £20,000! This surely can’t be right, we suspect, but it is a fascinating figure nevertheless.

The stall is expected to close with the exhibition in October.

(Note – since originally writing this piece, some comments have clarified that the collection of multiple copies Doctor Who Weekly 1-5 is worth £20,000 in total, rather than each!)

(With thanks to Robert)


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  1. avatar colinjohn says:

    I think this REALLY needs to be clarified. Otherwise I’m going to have to take ANOTHER look at my insurance policy. £20,000 for the first 5 issues?? Best not tell my other half!

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