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Published on May 10th, 2010 | by Mick Karma

Sexy Vamps OK?

As a response to the recent storm about the suitablility of Amy Pond trying to cop off with the Doctor and pretty vampires with fangs and (gasp) clothes on, WalesOnline’s Carolyn Hitt has made a pertinent observation about the way Doctor Who is enjoyed as part of weekly family viewing.

Doctor Who - Vampires of VeniceAsking the question “has Doctor Who ever really been suitable for kids?” Hitt eventually comes to a reasonable conclusion, via brief enquiries into Nortongate and observations into real life.

When Karen Gillan, who plays the Doctor’s sidekick, insisted her character should wear minis – this is only pervy in the eye of the beholder. She was simply reflecting the uniform of almost every teenage female in the land. Whether they’ve got twig pins or thunder thighs, most girls wear bum-freezing scraps of material.

Anyone complaining about “vampires in low-cut nightgowns” hasn’t moved on since Christopher Lee sank his fangs in the decolletage of a Bavarian lovely.

While the classic movie vampires might represent a dated view of women as both sexual objects and scary girls controlled by a malevolent, male force, there is little of this subtext in Vampires of Venice, where the vampires are controlled by a female, Contessa Calvierri (albeit for mating purposes).

The full article is a good read that arrives at a sensible conlcusion – read it at WalesOnline.


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2 Responses to Sexy Vamps OK?

  1. avatar Byron says:

    As far as the mini—It seems to be an ongoing silliness to have Amy, particularly in the historical stories, to be running about in a mini without comment or scandal in Renaissance Italy or even 1940s London. Does the TARDIS perception filter extend to her choice of dress?

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