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Published on May 8th, 2010 | by Christian Cawley

Matt Smith Filming SJA

Doctor Who Magazine and Radio Times contributor Benjamin Cook tweeted about the upcoming Sarah Jane Adventures episode guest starring Matt Smith and Katy Manning this week.

Katy Manning is of course the actress behind Jo Grant, companion of the Third Doctor and all-round good sort who left the Doctor in The Green Death to travel to the Amazon with Professor Cliff Jones, how she presumably later married. It was 1973 when she left the TARDIS, and short of a couple of Big Finish productions she has had little to do with Doctor Who since then.

According to Cook:

“On the set of The Sarah Jane Adventures. Matt Smith is here. So is Lis Sladen. So is Katy Manning. And cool stuff. It is good. That is all.”

Written by Russell T Davies – playing with someone else’s toy for a change – the two-part adventure has started filming and will feature Matt Smith’s first appearance as the Doctor outside of the show. It will also be the second time in consecutive series that the Doctor has encountered Sarah Jane Smith.

The fourth series of The Sarah Jane Adventures is set to air on BBC TV later this year.


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2 Responses to Matt Smith Filming SJA

  1. avatar Rick714 says:

    This is amazing— I can’t wait to see this! The Doctor, Sarah AND Jo written by Russell? This is going to be fun.

  2. avatar bluebox444 says:

    Actually, she’s done quite a bit with Big Finish. She’s done a Companion Chronicle and two series of Iris Wildthyme audio dramas – all excellent. Another Companion Chronicle featuring Katy will be released in September. She’ll be playing both Jo Grant and Iris Wildthyme in that one.

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