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Published on May 8th, 2010 | by Christian Cawley

Doctor Who the Musical? No.

Dcotor Who cast member Arthur DarvillDoctor Who semi-regular Arthur Darvill has revealed that there are no plans for a musical version of the time travelling adventure series.

Interviewed by The Stage, Darvill – an accomplished musician and composer as well as an actor – reckoned suggestions of a musical episode or even stage show were wide of the mark (thank Rassilon!)

Doctor Who the Musical? No. I’d love to write an episode where everyone’s dancing or something, I don’t know. But no, Doctor Who the Musical isn’t gong to happen!

Sure, Doctor Who can be almost anything, as we’ve seen – but does it really have to become a piece of musical theatre? Wasn’t the musical narration of 1966′s The Gunfighter‘s enough?

Darvill is interviewed in full in The Stage Podcast, which features him talking about working with Matt Smith again, and the challenge to an actor when learning scripts that are pretty much secret.

Meanwhile you can Rory’s second appearance in Doctor Who tonight at 6pm on BBC One!


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  1. avatar Carn says:

    Unlike most it seems, I really enjoyed the Gunfighters but yeah the narration soon grew to irritate me. I’ve never really liked musical episodes of shows though the one Scrubs did amused me a lot. Haven’t seen any musical versions of tv shows, and the Spider-Man one sounds like a real bad idea too.

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