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Published on May 5th, 2010 | by Mick Karma

…And The World Went Mad

It seems that some sort of rabid insanity has taken hold of the United Kingdom – it might be down to the General Election, or it might a sign of things to come. Once again, Doctor Who has been the subject of complaints, this time from viewers unhappy with the ending of Flesh and Stone.

Doctor Who, starring Matt Smith and Karen GillanFeaturing an Amy Pond, who had been terribly close to a horrible death, trying to seduce the Doctor at around 7.05pm, the amusing scene – far more innocent than any dialogue found at a similar time on other channels – has been the subject of a complain by a massive 43 people.

Oh. Is that all? Move along, nothing to see here, people.

Still, the BBC have had to issue a response:

“Millions of Doctor Who fans watched and enjoyed last Saturday’s episode, including the lighthearted and humorous scene in which Amy kissed the Doctor.”

Is it me, or is all of this getting just a little bit silly? This is the fourth complaint to make the headlines since the series returned just 5 weeks ago. Could the more innocent complaints about Dalek redesigns be playing into the hands of a particularly nasty organisation?

One complainant observed:

“We expect this sort of thing from trashy US imports but not a well-respected series like Doctor Who.”

Meanwhile, Vivienne Pattison of standards pressure group Mediawatch UK, said:

“I thought it sailed pretty close to the wind.”

Long-term viewers of Doctor Who might be interested to know that Mediawatch UK is the pressure group formerly known as the National Viewers’ and Listeners’ Association.



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4 Responses to …And The World Went Mad

  1. avatar Netgeezer says:

    I love watching Doctor Who, have done for years. However, although I didn’t complain to the BBC I too thought that the close of Flesh and Stone was not needed in a family show.

    Who needs risque scenes (however humourous an adult might find them) being watching by young children who let’s face are after a bit of a scare not impromptu lessons in being sexually provocative.

    I have three daughters and my wife and I weren’t happy with the ending. Loved the episode otherwise..!

  2. avatar Lazarus1977 says:

    I think that many people are somewhat missing the point of that scene and are forgetting the ultimate outcome regardless of how intently they watched the events transpire.

    The Doctor says no.

    For all of Amy’s forward behaviour, the Doctor refuses her advances. And regardless of her dialogue, younger children won’t fully understand what transpired and older “kids” (because they are growing up far more quickly than we like to admit)are being told through the Doctor’s actions that what Amy is doing is wrong.

    That scene could have played out far differently but it didn’t.

    Moffat has children and I feel that he is keely aware of what you can and cannot say to children. That’s something that I have appreciated from this series of Doctor Who–the children watching are being considered as intellligent as they are. Children don’t need to have the world hidden from them; they need to be shown what is out there and to know sooner, rather than later, the right way to behave. And while they don’t need to grow up too fast, I don’t think a scene wherein a girl tries to kiss a reluctant boy will change much for many young viewers.

  3. avatar Rick714 says:

    The ending was a bit…hotter than we’re used to in DW, especially Amy crawling onto the bed, basically waiting for the Doctor to pounce but we should remember that Amy is a bit crazy. She literally has some mental issues, so maybe that can be forgiven. what would have been a problem was if the Doctor had gone along with her! THEN there’d be a legitimate cause for complaint but I think he handled it correctly.

    I think the total overhaul and amount of changes in the series this year has just unsettled some folks who had gotten used to all things Tennant & Davies for the past several years. Also, let’s face it, the media like to bitch a lot. I think it’s the ever more negative effect the internet has as anyone with a computer these days can become “an official reviewer and reporter” even when they don’t understand the responsibilities inherent within such positions. Lots of vultures out there.

    As for the complainant who talks about US trashy imports—-that person should wake up and take a look at some UK productions.

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