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Published on April 3rd, 2010 | by Chris Davids

Who Are You?

New Doctor Who star Karen Gillan was introduced to her cousin for the first time last year – on the set of The Eleventh Hour!

AmeliaIt’s quite a story, but not without its spoilery aspects, so after the quotes, you’ll need to read the instructions…

Gillan’s cousin is 10 year old Caitlin Blackwood, who was put forward for the role in the episode by her cousin.

“Caitlin was born and grew up in Northern Ireland and Karen grew up in Scotland.

“So they actually only met for the first time at the read-through on set. It was an emotional moment. People kept commenting that they were so alike.”

Naturally there is a reason why the director went with Gillan’s cousin ahead of the other candidates.

It is likely to have a lot to do with the fact that young Caitlin plays the young Amy Pond, known in the early part of The Eleventh Hour as Amelia.

You might have seen the young actress already, opposite Eleventh Doctor Matt Smith in some of the trailer footage for the new series of Doctor Who – which kicks off tonight at 6.20pm on BBC One!


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