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Published on April 14th, 2010 | by Kevin Roth

The Grand Moff Interviewed

Steven Moffat is in the USA with Doctor Who stars Matt Smith and Karen Gillan at present – a perfect opportunity for appearances in various magazines and blogs in advance of the BBC America launch for The Eleventh Hour this Saturday.

Steven Moffat talks Doctor WhoThe Grand Moff has spoken to FearNet about the new series, his interpretation, whether it feels like a new show – pretty much what you would expect.

As with all interviews with the lead writer and Executive Producer, there is plenty to read – however I enjoyed his explanation of the “dark fairytale” description he gave to Doctor Who several weeks ago.

I suppose, just as a matter of automatic sensibility, this year is more of a dark fairy tale. Although obviously “dark” in relation to “fairy tale” is frankly redundant, because fairy tales are tremendously dark; or they are until Disney makes a movie of them. [Laughs.] They’re fairly cleaned-up fairy tales.

Moffat goes on to talk about the flavour of Doctor Who, and how when it does scares or gags, they should be big scares or gags, rather than half-hearted.

It’s worth a read!


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