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Published on April 19th, 2010 | by Mick Karma

The Doctor, Jo and Sarah!

The BBC have revealed that Matt Smith is set to make an appearance in The Sarah Jane Adventures – along with Katy Manning, former 1970s companion Jo Grant!

Set to air on CBBC this autumn, Sarah Jane Smith is thrown into action with former companion Jo Grant in a new series of The Sarah Jane Adventures in a special edition of the show penned by executive producer Russell T Davies – despite the former Doctor Who lead writer claiming he would never write a word of the Eleventh Doctor!

Sarah Jane Smith actress Elisabeth Sladen:

“It’s a fantastic script and I can’t wait to work with another Doctor and hope Matt has fun with us. I’ve known Katy for ages and I am delighted to be working with her. I last met her in LA but this time we will be in Cardiff. LA was good but Cardiff is better.”

Katy Manning has only recently returned to live in the UK after years in the USA and Australia, and has recently been appearing on stage in London.

“Playing Jo Grant again is something I never really considered. I was gob-smacked when they told me and I am over the moon. What an incredible little treat. I come home and this is one of the first things that happens.”

We’ll have more on this great news later!


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5 Responses to The Doctor, Jo and Sarah!

  1. avatar Shall We Destroy says:

    I never usually squee about news stories… But this has really put a dopey grin on my face. I’m not sure if it’s the best… or the worst idea in the world, but the bizarreness of the concept alone – not only Matt Smith guestingactually massively strangely appealing!

    I’m certainly not the biggest Russell T Davies fan in the world, but I’m suddenly finding myself quite well-disposed to his return!

  2. avatar Starman says:

    I agree with Shall We Destroy, I’m not usually given to commenting on most news stories, but the new Doctor and Jo Grant appearing with SJS in the same episode. Well, it almost goes off the anticipation scale… Great news for all fans. If they could somehow work the Brigadier and Sgt Benton into the story as well that would just about round it off nicely :D

  3. avatar PatrickRiley says:

    I’m all for Matt Smith in SJA, and I’m all for RTD writing episodes in SJA. But I have to say I’m uncomfortable with RTD writing an episode of SJA with the Eleventh Doctor in it. Matt Smith’s Doctor is the Grand Moff’s territory and RTD should stay out of this Doctor’s timeline, unless RTD is writing it under Moffat’s guidance. Still, it’ll be nice to see the new Doctor and Sarah Jane together. (I still have yet to see Jo Grant’s portion of the classic series, but I’m sure she’s great too!)

  4. Wow! This is incredible news… The fanboy in me is squeeing all over the place, but my conscious mind is saying, “hang on a minute, this also has the potential to be incredibly embarassing if Rusty Lee Davies cocks it up!”

    Also, let’s face it, I don’t think the intervening years have been as kind to Katy as they have been to Elisabeth. Sorry…

    I hope that The Grand Moff is involved in some of the editorial reviews to keep his 11th Doctor on the straight and narrow

  5. avatar Leosw4 says:

    Surreal, exciting, unbeleivable actually. Jo is second only to Sarah in my list of favourite companions so to see the two of them together in one show is quite incredible. Add Matt, who despite other concerns I have with the current run is absolutely fantastic and it will be interesting to see how RTD plays with all three.
    Still cant grasp Liz and Katy together but know doubt BIG FINNISH must be rubbing there hands in glefull anticipation at future spin off potential!

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