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Published on April 22nd, 2010 | by Mick Karma

Smith’s Truth

Doctor Who star Matt Smith has discussed his approach to playing the Time Lord in a recent interview.

Matt Smith on playing the DoctorExplaining how he has built his interpretation personally without picking up “performance notes”, the actor states that his aim was to be different to predecessor David Tennant while playing “truthfully.”

“The experience is one that I’ve enjoyed thoroughly. I had no considered ideas of what I should try to do. I just went and did it every day. I had no grand plan. I think it’s turned out that he’s a bit bonkers. Hopefully the madness of his thoughts will come through as the show continues.”

“I just play the role as truthfully as I could in my body and soul and mind.”

Of course, just a third of the way through the new series, Matt Smith is already making the role his own. The Eleventh Doctor’s recent encounter with the Daleks was a superb display of the same angst and disgust that we’ve seen from his recent predecessors when brought face to face with the fascist blobs from Skaro.

However it is possible he picked up a tiny bit from watching previous Doctors… naming no names, of course.

(Via Digital Spy)


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